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Oppo and OnePlus team up with Google to integrate Gemini AI in devices.

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In Short:

Oppo and OnePlus have partnered with Google to enhance their smartphones with AI capabilities. Oppo already has its own AI model AndesGPT, and recently announced the global launch of its AI Eraser feature. Both brands plan to introduce over 100 AI-generated content experiences for users. The collaboration with Google may bring new AI features like Portrait light and lock-screen song identification to Oppo and OnePlus devices.

How will the integration of Gemini AI in Oppo and OnePlus devices enhance the user experience?

The integration of Google’s Gemini Assistant music support in Oppo and OnePlus devices will significantly enhance the user experience. Users will be able to enjoy seamless and responsive voice command music control, making it easier and more convenient to access and control their favorite tunes on their devices.

Oppo and OnePlus Partner with Google for AI Integration in Devices

Oppo and OnePlus have collaborated with Google to incorporate its artificial intelligence (AI) model Gemini’s capabilities into their smartphones. This partnership will allow the Chinese smartphone brands to utilize the Gemini 1.0 Ultra model to introduce new AI features. While Oppo already has its own native large language model named AndesGPT, which has enabled the release of multiple AI features in its devices in China, the brand recently announced that the Reno 11 series will globally receive the AI Eraser feature.

Announcement at Google Cloud Next Event

The announcement was made at Google’s annual Google Cloud Next event, where Nicole Zhang, General Manager of AI Product for OPPO and OnePlus, expressed the transformative potential of generative AI technology. Zhang stated that both brands are well-positioned to deliver AI benefits globally and are excited to expand mobile AI innovations through the integration of Gemini and Google Cloud AI.

Furthermore, Zhang mentioned that over 100 AI-generated content experiences will be introduced for users, indicating the inclusion of AI-based features that incorporate content. Examples of such features may include the Call Summary generator and AI image generator, previously released by Oppo in China.

Future AI Features and Collaborative Scope

The collaboration with Google is likely to bring Google-specific AI features such as Portrait Light and lock-screen song identification to Oppo and OnePlus devices outside China. While specific details of the collaboration are yet to be disclosed, potential under-development features include summarizing news articles, audio files, and generating new social media content.

Significantly, this partnership coincides with Oppo’s recent global introduction of the AI Eraser feature in the Reno 11 series smartphones. The AI Eraser, a photo editing tool within the gallery app, allows users to effortlessly remove unwanted objects from images while retaining background elements.

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