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Apple’s NFC Tap-and-Go Tech Set for EU Approval by May

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In Short:

EU antitrust regulators are expected to approve Apple’s offer to allow rivals access to its tap-and-go mobile payments system next month. Apple’s bid to settle a four-year investigation would help it avoid a hefty fine. The offer includes letting rivals access NFC technology on Apple devices for contactless payments. The European Commission accused Apple of stifling competition with Apple Pay, prompting Apple to tweak the terms of the offer based on feedback.

Will the Slimmer Bezels on the iPhone 16 Pro Models Affect Apple’s NFC Tap-and-Go Technology?

The slimmer bezels challenge Apple suppliers to find innovative solutions for integrating NFC tap-and-go technology in the iPhone 16 Pro models. Ensuring seamless functionality with a reduced bezel size is crucial for maintaining the user experience and the convenience of contactless payments and other NFC-enabled features.

Apple’s Offer to Open Tap-and-Go Mobile Payments System to Rivals to Be Approved by EU Antitrust Regulators

Apple’s bid to settle a four-year investigation by EU antitrust regulators is on track to be approved next month after making some adjustments to the terms, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Key Points:

  • Apple could avoid a finding of wrongdoing and a potentially hefty fine of up to 10% of its global annual turnover.
  • The technology in question is Apple’s near-field communication (NFC) system, which enables contactless payments through mobile wallets.
  • The European Commission had accused Apple of impeding competition for its Apple Pay mobile wallet by restricting access to its tap-and-go technology.
  • Apple has proposed allowing rivals to access its NFC on iPhones, iPads, and other devices at no cost, with fair and non-discriminatory terms.
  • The offer includes additional functionalities like default payment app selection, authentication features such as FaceID, and a dispute resolution mechanism.
  • After feedback, Apple made some adjustments to the terms, and the NFC proposal would be in effect for 10 years.

Approval Timeline:

The European Commission is aiming to accept Apple’s offer by May, although the timing is subject to possible changes as technical details are finalized.

Recent Fine:

Apple recently faced a 1.84 billion-euro ($2 billion) fine from the EU for antitrust violations related to its App Store and competition with music streaming services like Spotify.

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