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Tusass in talks with Starlink and others for connectivity in Greenland

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In Short:

Greenlandic operator Tusass emphasized its commitment to satellite technology, stating it does not comment on illegal satellite practices. The responsibility to address such matters lies with the Greenlandic Telecommunications Authority. Tusass is in talks with Starlink for satellite connectivity for medical services. Tusass launched faster internet services in satellite served towns. The company aims to ensure Greenland’s critical infrastructure is controlled by the nation and not private providers.

Tusass Engages in Discussions With Starlink and Others for Collaboration in Greenland
Greenlandic operator Tusass has reiterated its position on satellite technology, stating that it does not intervene in or comment on the use of unauthorized satellite technology. The authority to address such issues lies solely with the Greenlandic Telecommunications Authority. Tusass responded to a recent media report regarding satellite connectivity for medical services by confirming that it is in discussions with Starlink and other parties to negotiate the best agreements for Greenland.

Tusass’s Stance on Satellite Technology

Tusass mentioned that on April 24, a doctor in Tasiilaq criticized the company’s connections in East Greenland in the newspaper Sermitsiaq and on the Greenlandic broadcaster KNR, and called for dialogue between Tusass and Starlink. The company emphasized that there are ongoing discussions with Starlink to explore collaboration opportunities.

Responsibilities and Legislation

Tusass pointed out that Starlink is a private company that operates in satellite connections and is not responsible for safeguarding Greenland’s entire telecommunications infrastructure. Conversely, Tusass is a publicly owned company tasked with ensuring that the entire population of Greenland has access to secure telecommunications services.

Whether Starlink can operate independently in Greenland is not a decision Tusass can make, as it is a matter of telecommunications legislation, which is solely in the hands of Inatsisartut and enforced by the Greenlandic Telecommunications Authority,” Tusass stated.

The Greenlandic operator mentioned that it has engaged in discussions with Starlink on multiple occasions. Tusass stressed the importance of Greenland’s critical infrastructure being controlled by Greenland itself and not by a private provider.

Tusass Launches Faster Internet in Satellite Cities

In a recent announcement, Tusass revealed that it will introduce new services on June 3 for the three towns served by satellite, following an extensive testing phase in Tasiilaq, as reported by TelecomTalk.

Following the launch of the GreenSAT satellite in 2023, Tusass dedicated six months to intensive work on satellite connections. In February, the company commenced testing internet capacity in Tasiilaq to evaluate the impact of increased connections on user experience.

Commenting on the test results, Tusass remarked, “The test in Tasiilaq has demonstrated that we have more capacity on the GreenSAT connections to North and East Greenland than we currently provide. We have tested various speeds and concluded that the two new package solutions are the appropriate choices.”

Tusass now offers internet service via satellite not only in cities and settlements in North and East Greenland but also on sheep farms in South Greenland.

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