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Airtel’s 5G Customer Base in Karnataka Exceeds 6.9 Million

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In Short:

Bharti Airtel, an Indian telecom company, now has over 6.9 million customers using 5G services in Karnataka. The company has expanded 5G services across all cities and districts in the state. Airtel attributes this milestone to network deployment and partnership with Poco for affordable 5G smartphones. Retail expansion has also helped in increasing customer connectivity and upgrading to 5G.

<b>Airtel</b> Surpasses 6.9 Million 5G Customers in Karnataka” width=”1200″ height=”800″><br />Indian telecommunications company <strong>Bharti Airtel</strong> announced that over 6.9 million customers are now enjoying 5G services in Karnataka. The company has successfully deployed 5G service across all cities and districts in Karnataka, Airtel announced on Monday.</p>
<h2>Network Expansion Efforts</h2>
<p><strong>Airtel</strong> said in the last six months alone, it has witnessed an increase in 5G users in Karnataka. The company attributed this achievement to its network deployment and expansion of services across the state, making it easier for customers to seamlessly embrace 5G. From the historic Amba Vilas Palace to the picturesque landscapes of Coorg and Hampi, <strong>Airtel</strong> says its coverage spans across Karnataka’s diverse terrain as it continues to complete its rollout.</p>
<h2>Customer Connectivity Boost</h2>
<p>Commenting on the milestone, <strong>Bharti Airtel</strong> said, “We are making significant strides in building the network infrastructure required to facilitate widespread adoption of 5G in Karnataka. We express our gratitude to our valued customers who have upgraded to enjoy the power of unlimited 5G service at no additional cost.”</p>
<h2>Partnership and Device Availability</h2>
<p><strong>Airtel</strong> attributed the rapid deployment and adoption of 5G in Karnataka to various factors, including accelerated rollout and increased availability of 5G devices. Airtel’s partnership with Poco to offer affordable 5G smartphones below Rs 10,000 has played a key role in expanding its 5G user base, <strong>Airtel</strong> said.</p>
<p><strong>Airtel</strong> said the retail expansion in the region to increase the physical format of stores has further augmented consumer connectivity, helping customers upgrade conveniently to 5G service.</p>
<p>In a related update, <strong>Airtel</strong> recently announced that it has 2.2 million customers enjoying 5G services in the state of Kerala.</p>
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