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Truecaller introduces new feature for AI-powered voice detection.

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In Short:

Truecaller has introduced a new AI voice detection feature in its app to identify if the caller on the other end is a human or an AI bot within three seconds. This is important to protect consumers from AI scam calls which have been increasing in India. Users can activate this feature by tapping a button on the Truecaller interface. Currently, it is only available for Android users with plans to launch on iOS soon.

Truecaller Introduces AI Voice Detection Capability

truecaller brings ai voice detection capability details

Identifying AI Bots with Truecaller

Truecaller has proudly announced that it is the first voice calling platform worldwide to incorporate an AI voice detection capability. This cutting-edge technology enables AI bots to sound remarkably human-like. The AI voice detection feature will determine within three seconds whether the caller is an AI bot or a human, aiding consumers in protecting themselves from potential scams and fraud.

Combatting AI Scam Calls

In response to the prevalence of AI scam calls in India, Truecaller has developed a solution to differentiate between human and AI calls. Users can manually activate the AI voice detection by tapping a dedicated button on the Truecaller interface when suspicious of the caller’s identity. The caller’s voice will then be recorded and processed by Truecaller’s advanced AI model to confirm whether the call is from a human or an AI bot.

CEO’s Statement

Alan Mamedi, CEO and Co-founder of Truecaller, stated, “The risks of AI voice scams are escalating with the rise of AI voice synthesizers. Our objective was to address this issue proactively. Truecaller is proud to be the first calling app equipped with AI voice detection capabilities, enhancing our scam-fighting capabilities.”


At present, this feature is exclusively available for Android devices. Truecaller is actively working on launching the feature for iOS devices in the near future.

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