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Telefonica Germany: 80% of Calls Routed via VoLTE

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In Short:

Despite the popularity of messaging services, Telefonica Germany reports that voice calls over the mobile network are on the rise. O2 Telefonica customers make ten billion minutes of calls per month, with a 25% increase from five years ago. 80% of calls are made using Voice over LTE (VoLTE) technology for faster connection and better quality. O2 customers can now make calls over the 5G network using VoNR technology.

Telefonica Germany Reports 80 Percent of Calls Routed via VoLTE
Telefonica Germany reports that voice calls over the mobile network are more popular than ever, despite the growth of messaging services. In its report, O2 Telefonica highlighted that its customers make a total of ten billion minutes of calls per month, and in 2023, its network witnessed over 124 million minutes of calls, which is 25 percent more than five years ago.

Telefonica Germany VoLTE Network

Telefonica Germany reveals that 80 percent of all telephone calls on its network are made via Voice over LTE (VoLTE), and the number is continuously increasing. With VoLTE, calls connect at a faster rate and with better voice quality. Customers also have the ability to use the internet simultaneously while on a call with VoLTE technology.

Development of Technical Capabilities

“We are witnessing a resurgence of voice telephony. During the corona period, the volume of voice calls has increased significantly—and since then, it has not returned to the level before. We are pleased about the continued high demand of our customers for mobile voice services and are continuously developing the technical possibilities,” Telefonica Germany stated.

Seamless Integration of VoNR in 5G Networks

The telco pointed out that customers predominantly make phone calls on the latest networks, specifically the 4G/LTE or 5G Network. O2 Telefonica’s network covers almost 100 percent of the population with 4G/LTE Network and 95 percent with 5G Network.

Customers can now make phone calls over the 5G network using Voice over New Radio (VoNR). O2 customers have been able to access VoNR in the nationwide 5G Plus network since October 2023. The 5G Plus from O2 refers to its 5G Standalone (5G SA) network.

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