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India achieves 99% 4G coverage, deploys nearly 4.42 lakh 5G BTSs: Ministry of Communications

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In Short:

India now has a 99% coverage in 4G and over six lakh villages with 4G network. The count of 5G BTS stands at 4.42 lakh. The telecom sector has witnessed significant growth with data consumption and policy-friendly environment. India is focusing on digital innovation for sustainable development with strategic international partnerships. Indian companies are exporting telecom equipment worth Rs 25,200 crores. The ministry is promoting innovation and boosting export of telecom products.

India Achieves 99% Coverage in 4G and Advances Towards 5G

India has achieved a 99% coverage footprint in 4G, with over six lakh villages covered by the fourth-generation network. Additionally, the country has around 4.42 lakh 5G base transceiver stations (BTSs), according to the Ministry of Communications.

Telecom Sector Growth and Innovation

The Indian telecom sector has witnessed significant developments in recent years, driven by unprecedented data consumption, a vast user base, and a policy-friendly environment. This progress has set the stage for a transformative era of growth and innovation in the industry.

World Telecommunication and Information Society Day

World Telecommunication and Information Society Day is celebrated annually on May 17, with this year’s theme being ‘Digital Innovation for Sustainable Development’.

International Partnerships and Collaborations

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) is actively seeking strategic international partnerships and collaborations to build a world-class telecom ecosystem. The aim is to position India as a global leader in digital innovation and infrastructure.

Telecom Diplomacy and Export Growth

India’s diplomacy in the telecom sector has attracted new business ventures, forged partnerships with global leaders, nurtured domestic startups, and demonstrated the country’s commitment to driving innovation in the global telecommunications landscape. The import-export gap has decreased in recent years, with ‘Made in India’ equipment meeting most demands in the fifth-generation era.

Last year, Indian companies exported Rs 25,200 crores worth of telecom equipment and accessories. Astrome, WiSig, and VVDN are some of the key players in the export market, showcasing their technologies and products globally.

Startup Participation and Business Leads

31 startups participated in prominent telecom events like MWC USA and Spain, developing business leads worth around $100 million. This highlights the potential for growth and innovation in the Indian telecom sector.

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