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Digital Realty Launches New Liquid Cooling Solution for Data Centers

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In Short:

Digital Realty has introduced a new liquid-to-chip cooling colocation option, available in 170 data centers globally, to meet the rising demand for AI technology. This offering enhances the company’s high-density deployment services to support power densities up to 150kW per rack. By combining rear door heat exchangers with direct liquid cooling, businesses can efficiently expand their IT infrastructure to embrace AI technology. Lenovo ISG also plays a role in supporting enterprises on their AI journeys.

Digital Realty Introduces Direct Liquid Cooling Offering
Digital Realty has introduced a new liquid-to-chip cooling colocation offering. The company has announced the availability of a direct liquid cooling (DLC) offering in 170 Digital Realty data centers worldwide. This new offering aims to meet the growing demand for AI applications.

Introduction of Liquid-to-Chip Cooling

Digital Realty has stated that the high-density deployment offering includes various mechanical solutions like rear door heat exchangers (RDHx) and DLC, offering power densities ranging from 30-150kW per rack and higher.

“The combination of RDHx with DLC effectively doubles the power densities that can be supported, allowing businesses to address the increasing demands of modern IT infrastructure and accelerate AI adoption through private, cloud, and hybrid solutions,” mentioned the company.

The company has confirmed that deployment options are available in over half of Digital Realty’s data centers globally, with plans to extend support to more sites and utilize existing infrastructure to meet evolving AI needs.

High-Density Deployments

“We are proud to work with our customers in upgrading their infrastructure to accommodate this advanced liquid-to-chip technology, enabling them to efficiently expand their deployments and redefine possibilities in the digital era. With this innovative liquid-to-chip cooling technology, we are not only setting a new standard for high-density deployment support but also revolutionizing the digital infrastructure landscape,” stated the Chief Technology Officer of Digital Realty.

Lenovo ISG also commented, “Our collaboration with Digital Realty assists enterprises of all sizes in their AI journeys. The partnership between Lenovo and Digital Realty plays a significant role in the hybrid AI vision, allowing organizations to leverage emerging technologies for faster innovation.” The specific role of Lenovo in this announcement was not disclosed.

According to TelecomTalk, Aligned Data Centers introduced DeltaFlow~, a liquid cooling technology, in January 2024.

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