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Airtel Utilizing Intel’s Latest AI Tech to Enhance Customer Experience

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In Short:

Bharti Airtel is teaming up with Intel to enhance customer experience using AI technology. Airtel plans to utilize Intel Gaudi 3 AI accelerator to turbocharge customer experiences by leveraging rich telecom data. The accelerator promises significant improvements in AI training and inference, allowing Airtel to deploy GenAI at scale. Airtel has previously integrated AI solutions into its operations to improve customer service.

Airtel to Enhance Customer Experience Through Intel’s Latest AI Tech
Bharti Airtel has announced plans to enhance customer experience by leveraging Intel’s latest AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. Intel revealed this partnership at the Intel Vision 2024 customer and partner conference, where it introduced new Intel Gaudi accelerator customers and partners, including Bharti Airtel. The conference also unveiled Intel Gaudi 3, new open scalable AI systems, and the AI Open Systems Strategy.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Intel stated that Bharti Airtel will utilize Intel’s advanced technology to improve customer experiences. Airtel aims to enhance its AI capabilities by utilizing its rich telecom data, aligning with its commitment to innovation in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

“The Intel Gaudi 3 AI accelerator will provide significant advancements in AI training and inference for global enterprises, offering increased AI compute power and memory bandwidth,” Intel explained.

According to Intel, the Gaudi 3 accelerator is projected to deliver faster time-to-train compared to Nvidia H100, benefiting enterprises looking to deploy AI systems at scale.

The Gaudi 3 accelerator also offers open, community-based software and standard Ethernet networking, enabling enterprises to scale flexibly from single nodes to mega-clusters, supporting various AI processes at a large scale.

This collaboration is not new for Airtel, as earlier in February 2023, the company had announced an AI-based solution in partnership with NVIDIA to enhance customer experience during inbound calls to its contact center.

Develops AI Based Spam Prevention Solution

In May 2023, Airtel also revealed an AI and machine learning-based solution to detect and prevent phishing, spam, and fraud through messaging. The solution was tested in collaboration with HDFC Bank, showcasing Airtel’s continuous efforts to leverage AI for improved services.

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