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Bharti Airtel to enhance customer experience with latest Intel AI tech

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In Short:

Bharti Airtel plans to use Intel’s new AI accelerator to improve customer experience. Intel launches Gaudi 3 accelerator to help companies scale AI projects. It offers more AI compute and faster time-to-train compared to Nvidia H100. Airtel aims to enhance AI capabilities and drive new revenue streams. Intel collaborates with companies like Naver, Bosch, and IBM for innovative AI applications. Gaudi 3 will be available to OEMs in 2024.

Bharti Airtel to Utilize Intel’s AI Accelerator Solution for Enhanced Telecom Experience

India’s Bharti Airtel is set to enhance the experience of its telecom subscribers by leveraging Intel’s latest artificial intelligence (AI) accelerator solution, as stated by the US-based chipmaker.

Intel’s AI Accelerator Solution

According to Intel, Airtel plans to harness the power of Intel’s technology to enhance its AI capabilities and boost customer experiences. The collaboration aligns with Airtel‘s commitment to technological innovation and driving revenue growth in the digital landscape.

Intel’s Latest Offerings

Amid increased competition from Nvidia, Intel launched the Intel Gaudi 3 accelerator to provide performance, openness, and choice to enterprise (GenAI). The new solutions aim to address the challenges faced by businesses in scaling AI initiatives.

Key Features of Intel’s Gaudi 3 AI Accelerator

Intel’s Gaudi 3 AI accelerator offers significant advancements in AI compute, memory bandwidth, and performance. It is positioned to deliver a substantial leap in AI training and inference capabilities for global enterprises.

Industry Adoption

Several companies, including Naver, Bosch, IBM, Ola Krutrim, and CtrlS Group, are already leveraging Intel’s Gaudi accelerator solutions for innovative GenAI applications.

Availability and Future Outlook

The Intel Gaudi 3 will be available to OEMs, such as Dell Technologies, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Lenovo, and Supermicro, in the second quarter of 2024. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger expressed optimism about the future, stating that Intel is committed to bringing AI solutions across various platforms to meet changing needs and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

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