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Is ChatGPT Plus still worth it after OpenAI releases GPT-4o?

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In Short:

OpenAI’s research lead, Barret Zoph, demonstrated the new GPT-4o model’s ability to detect human emotions, but it misidentified his face as a wooden table. Despite the mishap, GPT-4o is now available for free, offering features like text, audio, and image processing. Non-paying users have access to limited prompts and upgraded user experience, while paying subscribers get more prompts and newer features like voice mode and speech translation.

Barret Zoph, a research lead at OpenAI, recently showcased the new GPT-4o model’s ability to detect human emotions through a smartphone camera. However, during the demonstration, ChatGPT mistakenly identified his face as a wooden table. After a brief moment of amusement, Zoph corrected the AI tool and asked it to analyze the live video instead of a previously shared photo. Subsequently, ChatGPT accurately described his facial expression and potential emotions.

OpenAI Launches Free GPT-4o Model for ChatGPT

On Monday, OpenAI unveiled a new model for ChatGPT, named GPT-4o, capable of processing text, audio, and images. Surprisingly, the company announced that this model would be available for free without any subscription charges. Unlike the earlier GPT-4 release in 2023, which required a $20-per-month subscription for ChatGPT Plus users, many features previously restricted to paying subscribers, such as memory and web browsing capabilities, are now accessible to all users.

OpenAI‘s decision to offer the latest AI model and previously exclusive features for free raises questions about the value of a paid subscription. The following breakdown compares the offerings between OpenAI’s free version and ChatGPT Plus.

What’s Available With Free ChatGPT?

Users can now access the OpenAI GPT-4o model without a subscription. However, free users are limited to a set number of prompts per hour compared to paying subscribers.

Besides GPT-4o access, nonpaying users can enjoy various features previously exclusive to paying customers, such as using the GPT Store, web-browsing tool, memory features, and uploading photos and files for analysis.

What’s Still Gated to ChatGPT Plus?

While GPT-4o is accessible without a subscription, ChatGPT Plus subscribers have the advantage of increased prompt allowance and early access to new features. Subscribers can utilize GPT-4o more extensively and enjoy upcoming enhancements not yet available to nonsubscribers.

Even though some exclusive features are now open to nonpaying users, the most significant updates remain behind the paywall. Notably, the voice mode demonstrated by Zoph offers playful and interactive voice capabilities, including real-time speech translation, set to launch for ChatGPT Plus subscribers.

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