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The shameless allure of Generative AI: My desire to become it

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In Short:

AI has many issues, including regurgitating work without giving credit, drawing inaccurate pictures, and being focused on creating an all-powerful AI god. Despite its flaws, people are drawn to AI for its shameless nature and ability to provide information on various topics. AI’s shameless qualities can be compared to bold and influential figures, with ChatGPT being a prime example of an AI that confidently provides information on a wide range of topics.

The Challenges with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been the subject of widespread outrage and litigation due to issues such as plagiarism and cultural insensitivity. When generating content, AI often fails to attribute sources and creates images with problematic depictions of individuals.

Architectural Concerns

Furthermore, the creators of AI are sometimes criticized for focusing more on future AI advancements rather than integrating with current societal norms. Despite past failures in AI development, many believe that the creation of artificial general intelligence is imminent.

An Unavoidable Fascination

Despite these concerns, many individuals find themselves drawn to AI technologies for their convenience and capabilities. Whether it’s generating lists, summarizing information, or assisting in coding tasks, AI has become integrated into daily workflows for many.

Understanding AI’s Unique Qualities

One of the most intriguing aspects of AI is its willingness to fill any space with information, whether accurate or not. This lack of shame or hesitation in providing responses, even if they are nonsensical or plagiarized, sets AI apart from other technologies.

The Experience of Interacting with AI

While interacting with AI, individuals may experience a sense of shame as they witness the technology’s shameless nature. AI’s ability to provide answers without regard to correctness or originality can be both fascinating and unsettling.

Embracing Shameless Technology

Despite the discomfort that AI may evoke, its shameless qualities can also be seen as a superpower. Like shameless public figures, AI has the ability to persist in its actions without concern for approval or criticism.

The Unapologetic Nature of AI

AI models like ChatGPT exhibit shameless behavior by confidently answering a wide range of questions and assisting in various tasks, even if the results are not always accurate. This unapologetic approach to providing information can be both enlightening and frustrating for users.

Desiring Confidence and Certainty

Despite its shortcomings, AI’s bold and unwavering demeanor can be appealing to individuals seeking to embody that same level of self-assuredness. The willingness of AI to engage with tasks, regardless of the outcome, highlights the unique dynamic between humans and technology.

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