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Valoo to Lay 5,000 Km Fiber Optic Network in Finland

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In Short:

Finnish fiber operator Valoo has started building a new fiber optic network in multiple parts of Finland. It plans to lay 5,000 kilometers of network this year, with construction progressing rapidly at 50 kilometers per week. The company aims to enhance Finland’s digital infrastructure significantly through this project. Valoo plans to continue construction until at least mid-November, expanding its network in various regions.

Valoo Plans to Lay Up to 5,000 Km Fiber Optic Network Across Finland

Valoo Plans to Lay Up to 5,000 Km Fiber Optic Network Across Finland
Finnish fiber operator Valoo has announced the commencement of its 2024 construction works for fiber optic networks across different parts of Finland as the frost melts. The company aims to lay up to 5,000 kilometres of maintenance-reliable fiber optic network this year. Currently, excavation works are progressing at a pace of 50 kilometres per week, with plans to accelerate to 250 kilometres per week soon, Valoo said.

Construction Commencement

Construction is currently underway in more than 30 towns and cities, with exact figures on kilometres built expected by year-end, contingent upon winter’s outcome and ground freezing. These projects are set to significantly enhance Finland’s digital infrastructure, according to the company.

“We already built over a thousand kilometres of fiber network last year, surpassing previous records in Finland,” said Valoo. “But this year, we aim to exceed that number many times over, facilitating the introduction of tens of thousands of new fiber optic connections.”

Rapid Expansion Plans

Valoo intends to continue construction until at least the middle of November, particularly thriving in Southern Finland. The company said it is simultaneously constructing both the backbone network covering the entire country and regional networks. While optical fiber network technology is fundamentally stable and reliable for data transmission, it also requires maintenance, explained Valoo, adding, “At the same time as we are building new networks, the previously built networks will undergo maintenance.”

Major Network Expansion

Valoo‘s major fiber network expansion initiative, announced in December last year, includes connecting eight new cities and municipalities to its nationwide fiber network, with a substantial expansion in over twenty cities where the network is already available.

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