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U Mobile and Enfrasys collaborate on Private 5G Network PoC for Logistics in Malaysia

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In Short:

Malaysian operator U Mobile partnered with Enfrasys Solutions to test a private 5G network for automating container inspections at Transocean Logistics. ZTE provided infrastructure for the network. This collaboration made Transocean Logistics the first container depot in Malaysia to use such technology, resulting in a 70% reduction in inspection time. The project showcased the use of 5G, AI, and automation to improve operational efficiency and accuracy.

U Mobile, Enfrasys Complete Private 5G Network PoC for Logistics in Malaysia
Malaysian operator U Mobile, in partnership with Enfrasys Solutions, has successfully completed a proof-of-concept (PoC) for a private 5G network. The focus of the PoC was to evaluate the potential for automating Transocean Logistics’ container inspection process using U Mobile’s 5G private network capabilities and Enfrasys Solutions’ industrial application called Container Vision, which utilizes multi-access edge computing (MEC). ZTE provided the 5G RAN and 5G Core infrastructure for the private network.

First-of-its-Kind Collaboration

This collaboration marks a significant milestone, making Transocean Logistics the first container depot in Malaysia to adopt such technology for automating its container inspection process. By leveraging U Mobile’s 5G network and Enfrasys Solutions’ Container Vision application, the PoC utilized MEC for real-time AI-driven inspection of containers at Transocean Logistics’ depot site in Butterworth, Penang.

Enhanced Efficiency and Accuracy

The results of the PoC demonstrated a 70 percent reduction in inspection time compared to traditional methods, leading to improved operational efficiency and accuracy. The key benefits included enhanced data processing and response times facilitated by MEC, complete digitization of the inspection process, and increased transparency in supply chain operations.

Technology Innovation

“U Mobile is dedicated to leveraging technologies like 5G to drive efficiencies for various industries and businesses, from large corporations to SMEs. This PoC represents one of the successful 5G private network trials in Malaysia, showcasing U Mobile’s leadership in innovation. The outcomes highlight the advantages of integrating 5G technology with AI and automation to deliver significant value to enterprise customers,” stated U Mobile.

“Through this collaboration, we anticipate a 70 percent reduction in manual labor for container inspections by digitizing the entire inspection process with the help of 5G and AI,” expressed Transocean Logistics.

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