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NBN Co and Property Developer Collaborate for Fibre Rollout in Appin

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In Short:

NBN Co, an Australian government-owned internet provider, partners with property developer Walker Corporation to bring high-speed fibre internet to 13,000 new homes in Appin, Sydney. The project aims to provide the fastest residential speeds in the Macarthur region. NBN plans to expand fibre beyond homes to create a connected community with public Wi-Fi. The partnership will benefit residents with lightning-fast, high-capacity broadband and job opportunities.

NBN Co Partners With Property Developer for Fibre Rollout in Appin
The Australian government-owned broadband fibre provider NBN Co has announced a partnership with property developer Walker Corporation to bring high-speed fibre internet to 13,000 new homes in Appin, located in Sydney’s southwest. This multi-million-dollar collaboration aims to provide residents with the fastest residential speeds available on the NBN network for the Macarthur region.

Full-Fibre Rollout for Appin Development

Walker’s new residential development in Appin will feature a full-fibre rollout, ensuring that every new home and business has access to high-capacity internet. NBN noted that currently, the average Australian household uses 22 devices, a number expected to rise to 40 by the end of the decade.

NBN’s Smart Places Initiative

NBN also mentioned that through NBN’s Smart Places initiative, it plans to take fibre beyond just the home by partnering with retail service providers to enable a connected community where ambient Wi-Fi is available in public areas. This connectivity will enable real-time updates on community events, pollen levels, bushfire emergencies, and wildlife alerts.

NBN Co further stated that it is consulting on a proposal to increase wholesale download speeds for its NBN Home Fast product provided over Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) from 100/20 Mbps to 500/50 Mbps.

Benefits of the Appin Project

NBN Co highlighted the benefits of this project, stating, “By partnering with Walker, we are excited to build the foundation to enable the anticipated 40,000 residents of Appin communities with lightning-fast, high-capacity, and low-latency broadband that’s underpinned by a full fibre connection.”

NBN will roll out 17 kilometres of new fibre throughout the Appin community to connect 13,000 premises, which will enable every new home and community facility to connect to the fastest speeds available on the NBN network,” NBN added.

Walker said, “We want the best for families in our new communities, and this partnership ensures access to outstanding full-fibre technology. It will also connect our adjoining business park to the fastest broadband speeds, bringing professional jobs for residents to live and work locally.”

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