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GSMA Releases Latest Telecom News

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In Short:

The global mobile association GSMA predicts that 5G could boost India’s GDP by $27 billion by 2030, but only if spectrum shortages are addressed. The top telco group is urging the Indian government to allocate spectrum in the 6 GHz band for 5G services. While technology firms want the band delicensed for Wi-Fi services, GSMA emphasizes the need for spectrum for mobile growth. India is one of the fastest-growing 5G markets with significant potential for future growth.

5G to Have a $27 Billion Impact on India’s GDP by 2030, Says GSMA

According to global mobile association GSMA, 5G is projected to have a significant impact on India’s GDP by 2030, with an estimated amount of $27 billion. This impact can be achieved if 5G deployment is not hindered by spectrum shortages.

Key Spectrum Requirements for 5G

GSMA highlights the need for a total of 2 GHz of mid-band spectrum per market by 2030, with particular emphasis on the criticality of 6 GHz capacity. This spectrum is essential to support the rapid growth of 5G technology, foster innovation, ensure affordable connectivity, and drive economic growth.

Interactive Collaboration between Telcos and Government

Top telecom companies have urged the Indian government to recognize the importance of spectrum in the 6 GHz band for commercial mobile services. The inclusion of this spectrum in the National Frequency Allocation Plan (NFAP) is crucial to meet the increasing demand for 5G network expansion.

5G Expansion and Spectrum Allocation Challenges

While technology firms advocate for delicensing of the 6 GHz band for Wi-Fi services, GSMA stresses the significance of allocating spectrum based on utilisation. The allocation of additional spectrum should follow the optimal utilization of existing bands to ensure efficient connectivity.

Asia Pacific’s Growing 5G Markets

GSMA’s report highlights the Asia Pacific region, particularly India, as one of the fastest-growing 5G markets. With a significant number of 5G connections and robust smartphone adoption rates, India is poised for substantial growth in the 5G subscription base by 2030.

Future Outlook

India’s rapid progress in mobile download speeds and 5G adoption solidifies its position as a leading market in the Asia Pacific region. Continued collaboration between the government and mobile industry is crucial to deliver the required spectrum and drive the commercial use of the upper 6 GHz band for sustained growth in the 5G market.

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