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India’s abundant talent is a valuable resource for Dell: Michael Dell.

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In Short:

India has a lot of talent and is a top resource for Dell Technologies, says Michael Dell. He believes India has a strong desire for AI that reflects its languages and culture, and is progressing with innovation due to its fast-growing economy. Dell announced advancements in AI at a Las Vegas event, stressing the need for responsible AI usage. Other tech executives also emphasized the importance of AI and its potential impact on society.

India is a Top Resource for Dell Technologies

Michael Dell, the founder, chairman, and chief executive of Dell Technologies, emphasized India’s abundance of talent and its importance as a key resource for the company. He highlighted India’s desire for a sovereign AI that reflects the country’s languages and culture while driving innovation with a rapidly growing economy.

India’s Talent Pool

“India is one of the countries that definitely has an abundance of talent, and is a great resource for Dell Technologies and many other companies as they advance their innovation agenda,” Dell mentioned during the Dell Technologies World event in Las Vegas.

Advancements in AI

Dell Technologies unveiled significant advancements in AI, including an AI factory that enables organizations to adopt and deploy AI at scale, AI PCs, and other AI tools for enterprises. Dell highlighted the company’s responsible use of AI, emphasizing the importance of governance models and rigorous controls for AI projects.

The Future of AI

Dell believes that AI applications will soon be as ubiquitous as the internet and electricity, marking the beginning of a new Industrial Revolution. However, he cautioned about the potential threats of AI if not used responsibly, calling for AI to align with moral, legal, and ethical standards to ensure its beneficial impact.

Nvidia’s Perspective

Speaking at the event, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang discussed the transformative potential of AI, noting the shift towards manufacturing intelligence at scale through modernized data centers. The evolution of computing towards AI-driven technologies is reshaping the entire computer stack and redefining the way applications are engineered and implemented.

(The journalist is in Las Vegas at the invitation of Dell to cover the Dell Technologies World Event)

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