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India emerges as the top growth market for Silicon Valley’s Moloco ad tech platform

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In Short:

Moloco Inc., a Silicon Valley startup specializing in AI-powered advertising services, is expanding in India, targeting gaming, streaming, and e-commerce sectors. Founded by Ahn Ikk-jin, the company uses machine learning models to target ads based on user profiles. After entering India in 2022, Moloco signed partnerships with companies like JioCinema. The company, valued at over $2 billion, is focused on sustainable, long-term growth.

Moloco Inc. Expanding Its Presence in India

Exciting news alert! **Moloco Inc.**, a cool company from Silicon Valley that specializes in AI-powered advertising services, is spreading its wings in India. They are aiming for the stars, focusing on the gaming, streaming, and e-commerce sectors. Already having 30 clients on board, including big names like **JioCinema** and **Zupee**, Moloco is eyeing even more growth in what has quickly become its most important market in the world.

Focused Expansion in India

According to the wise words of Sunil Rayan, Moloco’s chief business officer, India is the place to be. “India is our fastest-growing market. Apart from South Korea, it’s the only market where we operate across all three sectors: gaming, streaming, and e-commerce,” shared Rayan enthusiastically with Mint.

Company Origins and Growth

Back in the day, in 2013 to be exact, smart South Korean-American Ahn Ikk-jin, a former YouTube monetization engineer, saw an opportunity and founded Moloco. He realized that there were untapped potential and created AI models to target ads based on user profiles, a genius move that paid off big time. Fast forward to 2023, after crossing $1.5 billion in gross ad revenue last year, Moloco is on fire and unstoppable.

Big Plans for the Future

Moloco isn’t just stopping here. After bringing on board Sunil Rayan in 2022, they’ve expanded into the Streaming Media Monetisation Solution space, offering more avenues for brands and performance ads. With their foot now deeply rooted in India, their partnership with Viacom18 for JioCinema has proven the scalability of their services, handling over 32 million users during the Indian Premier League 2023 without breaking a sweat.

Investing in India’s Potential

With operations in 13 countries worldwide, Moloco acknowledges the immense potential in India for all three sectors they are present in. Hiring key talent like Siddharth Jhawar from Zomato and expanding their team to around 25 people, Moloco is going big in India. They’re not just here for business; they’re set to build a global engineering center creating products not only for India but for the whole world.

So, keep an eye on **Moloco Inc.** as they revolutionize the advertising game with their innovative solutions and unstoppable growth!

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