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Telstra extends 3G network shutdown to August 2024

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In Short:

Telstra, the Australian telecommunications provider, has extended the closure date for its 3G network by two months to August 31, 2024, to give users more time to upgrade their devices. The company is assisting users in transitioning to faster and more reliable 4G and 5G networks. Telstra advises users with devices not supporting VoLTE to upgrade before the closure. They are also making progress in upgrading network sites for better coverage.

Telstra Pushes 3G Network Shutdown to August 2024

Australian telecommunications service provider Telstra has announced that it has decided to extend its 3G Network closure date by two months to allow people more time to upgrade their devices. Back in October 2019, Telstra first announced that its 3G Network would be closed in June 2024. However, a lot has happened since its announcement, and in a recent update, the telco announced that it will now close its 3G network on August 31, 2024.

Extension Announcement

Announcing the revised 3G Closure schedule, Telstra said, “Connectivity is becoming more and more important to the way we all live and work, and we are excited to help all Australians transition to 4G and 5G mobile networks, which are faster, more reliable, and more resilient.”

“But we have to make sure everyone is ready to make this transition together – and we know some of our customers are still working through the steps they need to take to upgrade their devices. That’s why we’ve decided to provide more time and further support,” Telstra added.

Impact on Devices and Hardware

For those users with devices not supporting Voice over 4G (VoLTE), Telstra suggests upgrading the devices before the 3G closure to stay connected. The telco said the 3G closure will also affect medical devices and other hardware connected to its 3G network, from EFTPOS terminals to farm machinery.

Progress on Network Upgrades

While announcing the revised schedule, Telstra also noted that it has been making good progress on modernising its 3G network sites with new 4G and 5G antennas and radio hardware, with 99 percent of upgrades now complete. The telco plans to expand 4G coverage to be equivalent to existing 3G coverage across the country before the closure of the 3G network.

Post the completion of upgrades, Telstra will continue to test and optimise the network to ensure that all customers get the best possible experience. Telstra plans to repurpose the 3G spectrum to extend the 5G network to create a better network experience.

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