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Tech Mahindra and Fuji TV Collaborate to Create Global Entertainment Content

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In Short:

Tech Mahindra and Fuji TV have joined hands to create diverse content for the global entertainment industry, focusing on popular genres like Anime and Korean dramas in India. Tech Mahindra will localize Fuji TV’s content for Indian audiences, license Indian content IP, and create new Japanese content for a global audience. The partnership aims to enhance the reach and appeal of Japanese content in India and other major markets.

Tech Mahindra and Fuji TV Announce Partnership to Co-Develop Global Entertainment Content

Technology consulting and digital solutions company Tech Mahindra has announced a partnership with Fuji TV, a Japanese broadcaster, to co-develop and produce diverse content for the global entertainment industry. The partnership targets the rapidly growing content markets, particularly in India, where niche genres like Anime and Korean dramas are increasingly popular.

Content Localisation and Animation Services

By combining Fuji TV’s original content with Tech Mahindra’s localisation and animation services, the alliance will enhance the reach and appeal of Japanese content in India. Additionally, Tech Mahindra will help Fuji TV license Indian content IP (Intellectual Property) and leverage its animation expertise to create fresh and captivating Japanese content for a global audience.

Harshvendra Soin, President – Asia Pacific and Japan Business, Tech Mahindra, said, “We have partnered with Fuji TV to bring their content library in various local languages to Indian audiences. This also marks a significant milestone in Tech Mahindra’s growth strategy and strengthens our position in the media and entertainment industry. We see great potential in developing IPs catering to the Indian, Japanese, and other major content markets.”

Licensing Indian Content IP

Tech Mahindra said it will assist Fuji TV in localising its content for the Indian audience through dubbing, subtitling, and animation services. Additionally, Tech Mahindra will support Fuji TV in licensing its content to OTT and PayTV platforms in India and Japan.

Toru Ota, Executive Vice President, Fuji Television Network, said, “As part of our initiative to expand into the global content market, we intend to collaboratively explore content strategies that are tailored to the Indian market, leveraging Tech Mahindra’s extensive marketing expertise within the region. We are particularly excited about the opportunity to introduce a variety of Fuji TV’s content to the Indian audience.”

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