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Vivo X Fold 3 Pro: A Unique Twist in Foldable Design

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In Short:

Vivo has launched its first foldable device, X Fold 3 Pro, in India. The phone comes with segment-leading hardware and offers a unique design with a large cover display. It is thinner and lighter than competitors like Samsung. The device boasts durability features such as a sturdy hinge and IPX8 rating. Vivo aims to compete with Samsung by offering something distinct in the foldable market.

Vivo Launches X Fold 3 Pro in India

Vivo has officially launched its first foldable device, the X Fold 3 Pro, in India. While the company also sells the clamshell-style X Flip, the launch of the X Fold 3 Pro showcases Vivo’s commitment to the foldables segment in the country.

Competition and Innovation

With Samsung dominating the foldables market in India, Vivo is determined to compete by offering unique features with its foldable devices. The X Fold 3 Pro stands out with its larger display and focus on durability, setting itself apart from competitors like OnePlus and Samsung.

Design and Display

The X Fold 3 Pro features a 6.53-inch cover display and an 8.03-inch main folding display, making it one of the largest foldable devices in the market. Despite its size, the device remains compact and lightweight, weighing just 236 grams.

Durability and Protection

Vivo has prioritized durability by using unique materials like Armor glass for the cover display and a combination of UPE and glass fiber for the rear panel. The device also boasts an IPX8 rating for water resistance, similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 5.

Innovative Hinge Design

The X Fold 3 Pro features a carbon fiber and aluminium alloy hinge that is compact and durable. The hinge allows for unique functionalities, such as hovering one-half of the device for steady shots and viewing videos in different modes.


Vivo’s entry into the foldables market with the X Fold 3 Pro showcases the brand’s commitment to innovation and quality. With its focus on design, display, durability, and unique features, the X Fold 3 Pro aims to provide a competitive choice for consumers in India.

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