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Samsung Galaxy S26 Ultra to Introduce ‘Enhanced Security’ PolarID to Rival Apple’s Face ID

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In Short:

Samsung is rumored to introduce a new facial recognition technology called PolarID on the upcoming Galaxy S26 Ultra. This technology, developed by Samsung without the need for dedicated sensors, could rival Apple’s Face ID. The tipster also suggests that the ISOCELL Vizion 931 sensor might be used in the Galaxy S25 Ultra. However, another tipster contradicts these claims, stating that only the Galaxy S26 Ultra may feature PolarID in early 2026.

Samsung Galaxy S26 Ultra to Introduce New Facial Recognition Technology

Samsung Galaxy S26 Ultra is expected to come with a new facial recognition technology, according to a tipster. Currently, flagship Samsung smartphones lack a dedicated sensor for facial recognition, unlike Apple’s Face ID which utilizes its TrueDepth camera and additional sensors. Face ID has set the standard for facial recognition technology on mobile devices for nearly eight years, but Samsung may soon offer a competitor with the Galaxy S26 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra or Galaxy S26 Ultra Could Feature PolarID

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), tipster Haizaki Ryouhei hinted that Samsung might be working on a new facial recognition technology named PolarID. The technology is reportedly in the premarket stage and could potentially debut with upcoming smartphones.

PolarID is said to operate without the need for dedicated sensors, instead relying on the Snapdragon chipset and Samsung LSI’s capabilities in core semiconductor design. This would allow Samsung to maintain its hole punch design without incorporating additional sensors.

There are speculations that the ISOCELL Vizion 931, a global shutter image sensor offering precise motion tracking, might be ready for production and could potentially feature in the Galaxy S25 Ultra. Ryouhei also claimed that PolarID would provide heightened security compared to Face ID and other existing facial recognition technologies.

Contrary to these claims, another tipster named Sawyer Galox suggested that the technology may not be ready yet, hinting that only the Samsung Galaxy S26 Ultra could incorporate it, with a speculated launch date in early 2026.

“The reason is that Samsung is slowly innovating to imitate Apple, and to confirm this, they were able to make 50MP 3x in S24U instead of S25U, and it seems that all of this is in order to save money”, the tipster alleged in an X post.

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