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Review: Urbn 5,000 mAh Compact MagTag Power Bank – Small Yet Ambitious Charger

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In Short:

A wireless power bank by Urbn promises convenience with its small design but falls short on actual performance. The 5,000mAh capacity struggles to fully charge an iPhone wirelessly, delivering only partial charges. The magnetic feature is not strong enough, leading to instability. The power bank is better suited for short top-up charges and pass-through charging, rather than full charges. Consider alternative options for more reliable performance.

When looking for wireless power banks online, it’s easy to find various options available. However, the wait for Qi2 chargers with features like magnetic locking and faster charging speeds continues. In the absence of these advanced models in India, users needing on-the-go wireless charging are left with standard Qi chargers, which come with their own limitations. A recent review of a wireless charger from Urbn reveals some interesting aspects but also highlights certain drawbacks that may make it less appealing compared to other options available in the market.

Urbn 5,000mAh Compact MagTag Wireless Power Bank Review: Design and specifications

The Urbn 5,000 mAh Compact MagTag Wireless Power Bank, or Urbn MagTag charger, features a compact design that stands out. With dimensions of just 9cm x 6.3cm and a thickness of 1.6cm, it offers a small footprint that’s barely noticeable behind a standard iPhone. The outer shell, made of plastic, is coated with a rubber-like texture for better grip and durability. However, it tends to attract dust easily, leading to a messy appearance after regular usage.

The power bank includes a single button on the back, accompanied by LED indicators to display the remaining battery power. Unlike typical wireless chargers, the charging process doesn’t start automatically when you place a phone on the pad; it requires pressing the button to initiate charging. While this may require an extra step, it allows users to control when the wireless charging starts, conserving battery power when not in use.

Although the LED indicators provide an estimate of the battery capacity, it’s important to note that the readings are approximate. The presence of one glowing LED doesn’t necessarily indicate a specific percentage of battery charge, adding some ambiguity to the user’s understanding of the power bank’s current status. A digital battery monitor display would offer more precise information to users, enhancing the overall user experience.

Urbn 5,000mAh Compact MagTag Wireless Power Bank Review: Performance

Despite its appealing design, the Urbn MagTag falls short in actual charging performance. Being marketed as “MagSafe compatible,” it struggles to deliver the maximum 15W charging speed advertised for iPhones, limiting the output to 7.5W. When tested with an iPhone 14 Pro, the power bank managed to charge the device to only 80% after several hours, failing to provide a full charge as expected.

Switching to conventional charging using the official cable and USB-C port resulted in better performance, with the phone reaching a full charge within a reasonable timeframe. The power bank’s 5,000mAh battery capacity may not suffice for demanding devices with larger batteries, making it less practical for users seeking reliable and efficient wireless charging solutions.

Urbn 5,000mAh Compact MagTag Wireless Power Bank Review: Verdict

At a price of Rs. 2,499, the Urbn MagTag 5,000mAh model may not meet the expectations of users looking for a comprehensive wireless charging experience. While its compact size offers portability, the weaker magnets and limited charging capabilities pose significant drawbacks. For a more reliable and feature-rich option, consider investing in the Daily Objects Surge Magnetic MagSafe Battery Pack, priced slightly higher at Rs. 5,999.

Price: Rs. 2,499


  • Small and compact design
  • USB-C port
  • On/off button
  • Doubles up as a desktop charger


  • LED indicators show the estimated charge left
  • Magnets are a bit weak
  • Cannot deliver one full charge

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