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Reports: iOS 18 at WWDC 2024 to Introduce App Lock with FaceID and Dark Mode for Icons

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In Short:

iOS 18 is expected to introduce Dark Mode to all app icons on iPhone home screens, giving a dark hue to the icons. Apple may also roll out a feature allowing users to lock apps using Face ID for added security. The new operating system is expected to be unveiled at WWDC 2024 and will include Apple Intelligence AI features. These updates aim to enhance the user experience on iPhones.

iOS 18 is expected to bring Dark Mode to the app icons on iPhone’s home screen, according to a report. Toggling the setting may reportedly add a dark tint to the app icons. Apple is also tipped to roll out a feature that lets users lock apps using Face ID with its next operating system for the iPhone, which is expected to be unveiled at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024 on Monday. iOS 18 is also said to offer several AI features that could be called Apple Intelligence.

App icons with Dark Mode

According to a MacRumors report, Dark Mode is likely to be extended to the iPhone’s home screen. The feature, which made its debut with iOS 13 in 2019, changes the color scheme of the handset system-wide. Apple says it gives the iPhone a look that is “perfect for low-light environments.”

Currently, only some elements of the home screen, such as folder icons, are influenced by dark mode. But with iOS 18, it is reported to be implemented for all app icons. However, the report suggests that it may initially be limited to first-party Apple apps only. An API supporting Dark Mode in third-party apps is speculated to be introduced later.

App Lock on iPhone

Additionally, iOS 18 is also reported to bring another new feature to the iPhone – the ability to lock individual apps. It is speculated to allow users to lock in-built iPhone apps such as Mail, Safari, Phone, Notes, Messages, Photos, Phone, and more. These apps would need Face ID for authentication, potentially adding a layer of security.

While Apple does currently allow certain locked elements such as ‘Recently Deleted’ and ‘Hidden’ folders in its Photos app and certain notes, an app lock feature would work much better. While there are workarounds to it, like using Shortcuts or Screen Time, apps cannot be locked system-wide.

As per the report, this feature may also work with Touch ID and the iPhone’s passcode, apart from Face ID. Apple is expected to roll out this feature with the iOS 18 developer update following the WWDC 2024 showcase. However, it is speculated to be available to the public only in September, alongside the upcoming iPhone 16 series.

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