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iOS 18 update brings new bezel animation and ‘Add to Queue’ feature for Apple Music

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In Short:

Apple has introduced new features with iOS 18 to improve the functionality of the iPhone. These include a new pop-out bezel animation when adjusting volume or using buttons, and improvements in Apple Music. Users can now add tracks to their queue more conveniently and change tracks without discarding the queue. These features are available with the iOS 18 Developer Beta 1 update for iPhone XR and newer models. However, caution is advised as beta updates may have bugs and glitches.

Apple has introduced the new iOS 18 update at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024, aiming to enhance the functionality of the iPhone with several quality-of-life changes. The update includes two key features – a new pop-out bezel animation when physical buttons are pressed and improvements in Apple Music. These features have been rolled out with the iOS 18 Developer Beta 1.

New Features on iOS 18

The first feature focuses on enhancing the visual aspect of iOS 18. When adjusting volume or using the power button on the iPhone, a section of the bezel beside the buttons protrudes onto the display. This effect also appears with the Action button, exclusively on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Apple Music has also received an upgrade, allowing users to conveniently add tracks to their queue. A new ‘Add Songs to Queue’ option now appears at the bottom of the queue, replacing the Play Last option.

Users can now change tracks without clearing the entire queue, and there is also an option to clear the entire queue at once.

These features are now available with the iOS 18 Developer Beta 1 update for users with iPhone XR and newer models.

To access these features and others, users are required to sign up for the Apple Developer program, which is now free since June 2023.

It is important to note that developer beta updates are intended for testing purposes, and may come with instability, bugs, and glitches that could impact the overall functionality of the iPhone, such as poor battery life, unresponsive handset, and unusual app behavior. Users are advised to exercise caution when installing developer beta updates.

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