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iOS 18 unveiled at WWDC 2024 with enhanced customization and privacy controls.

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In Short:

At Apple’s WWDC event, iOS 18 was announced with new features like AI, Home Screen customization, and improved control center options. The update will support third-party app controls and enhance privacy options. Users can now share specific contacts with apps and lock apps for added security. Messages will get RCS messaging, text formatting, and emoji support. Updates will roll out later this year for eligible iPhone models.

iOS 18 Unveiled at Apple’s WWDC Event

Apple announced the unveiling of iOS 18 at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) event on Monday. The latest version of iOS comes with several new features and capabilities powered by artificial intelligence, as well as enhanced Home Screen customisation options.

New Control Centre Options and Third Party App Support

iOS 18 will introduce vastly improved control centre options and will provide support for controls from third-party apps. Apple also mentioned that the new version of iOS takes advantage of the company’s processors to deliver innovative features that will be accessible on eligible iPhone models once the update is rolled out later this year.

Privacy Features and App Security

Apple is focusing on enhancing privacy features with iOS 18, including the ability for users to control how data is shared with apps. Additionally, users will now have the option to share specific contacts with apps instead of granting access to their entire contact list. iOS 18 will also introduce the ability to lock certain apps on the home screen, ensuring that only authorised users can access them through biometric authentication or the device’s passcode.

New Messaging Features

The Messages app will receive various new features with iOS 18, such as support for RCS messaging, text formatting, and the use of emojis in Tapback responses. RCS messaging will allow texting between iPhone and Android smartphones to be on par with iMessages, particularly in terms of image quality and group chats. Text formatting features including bold, italics, underlining, and strikethrough will also be available for users to customise their messages.

This story is still developing. Stay tuned for the latest updates.

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