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iOS 18 to Include Two Upgrades in Weather App

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In Short:

Apple unveiled iOS 18 at WWDC 2024, showcasing new features for iPhone users. Two new updates are now discovered in the Weather app: ‘Feels Like’ temperature displayed more prominently and support for home and work locations. ‘Feels Like’ measures how weather feels based on factors like humidity and wind. Users will see these updates in the next major iOS update, improving usability and convenience.

The unveiling of iOS 18 took place at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024 by Apple last month. Various new features were showcased during the event for the upcoming major update to the iPhone operating system. However, recent reports have discovered additional features in the Weather app that were not highlighted during the event.

iOS 18 Weather App Improvements

9to5Mac has identified two new updates to the Weather app on iOS 18 that aim to enhance its usability. According to images shared by the publication, the ‘Feels Like’ temperature will now be displayed more prominently below the actual temperature at the top of the app’s interface. This change will make it more convenient for users to access this metric without the need to scroll down. The ‘Feels Like’ temperature will be presented in a distinct size and font style to improve differentiation.

iOS 18 Weather app feature

New position of the ‘Feels Like’ temperature in the iOS 18 Weather app
Photo Credit: 9to5Mac

The ‘Feels Like’ temperature represents how hot or cold the weather feels subjectively, considering factors such as relative humidity, wind speed, and air temperature. This provides users with a more realistic perception of the actual temperature. With this enhancement, users will be able to view both values simultaneously.

As per the report, the ‘Feels Like’ temperature will only be visible when there is a significant difference between it and the recorded air temperature. If the variance is minimal or non-existent, only the actual temperature will be displayed.

The second feature will enable users to check the weather in their home and work locations. The update on iOS 18 will allow the Weather app to integrate with Contacts and retrieve home and work addresses. Users will find these locations added as new entries in their list of tracked weather spots for convenience. Previously, users had to manually input these locations to monitor weather updates.

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