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iOS 18 to bring India-specific customization, keyboards, and languages

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In Short:

The upcoming iOS 18 update by Apple will bring new features tailored for users in India, including improved language support for Siri, keyboards, and the Translate app. Users will have dual SIM switch capabilities, live voicemail transcription, live caller ID, and multi-language keyboard support. The update will also allow for customization of Lock Screen numerals, font, and color, along with improved search using Indian languages.

iOS 18 — Apple’s latest operating system update for eligible iPhone models — is set to launch later this year with a range of features aimed at users in India. These include new customization options, enhanced language support for the default keyboard, Siri, and Translate app. Additionally, iOS 18 will bring improved controls for users with two phone numbers. Developer betas for iOS 18 and other system updates are currently available for testing and are expected to be released to users in the upcoming months.

Dual SIM Switch, Live Voicemail Transcription, and live Caller ID

With the release of iOS 18, users will gain access to a new toggle in the redesigned control center that allows them to switch between two SIM cards on their iPhone. This feature brings the iPhone experience on par with most Android smartphones that offer dual SIM capabilities. Additionally, features introduced in iOS 17, such as Live Voicemail Transcription and Live Caller ID, will also be available to users in India on iOS 18. These features provide real-time transcription of voicemail messages and caller identification, respectively. The update will also include T9 searching and dialing support, along with improvements to call history searches.

Indian Numerals on Lock Screen and Contact Posters

Users will have the ability to customize their Lock Screen clock to display the time in numerals using 12 Indian languages with iOS 18. Apple will expand the list of supported languages for Lock Screen customization this year to provide greater flexibility to users. Additionally, users can customize the font weight, color, Lock Screen, and Contact Poster in the upcoming update, with support for a variety of languages including Arabic, Bangla, Devanagari, Gujarati, and Telugu.

Multi-language Support for Keyboards, Siri, and Improved Search

Apple will enhance Siri’s capabilities in iOS 18 to respond in Hindi to queries made in Hindi. The assistant will also understand Indian English commands when combined with phrases from nine languages, including Bengali, Marathi, and Tamil. The default keyboard on iOS 18 will offer support for typing in English using Latin characters for two additional Indian languages. Users can also benefit from trilingual predictive typing support when typing in English. Moreover, users can directly type messages in various Indian languages and benefit from improved search functionality in Assamese, Bangla, Devanagari, and Gujarati. The Translate app on iOS 18 will also gain Hindi language support for translating web pages and content across the system.

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