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Honor Introduces AI-Driven Eye Protection & Deepfake Detection Tech at MWC Shanghai ’24

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In Short:

Honor introduced two new AI technologies at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2024 to improve user safety. The AI Defocus Eye Protection technology reduces myopia by simulating defocus glasses on a smartphone display. The AI Deepfake Detection technology can identify altered videos in real-time on devices, helping to prevent scams. Honor emphasized the importance of human-centric on-device AI features for user privacy.

Honor debuted two new artificial intelligence (AI) innovations at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Shanghai 2024 on Monday. The smartphone manufacturer introduced an AI Defocus Eye Protection technology to reduce the risk of myopia resulting from prolonged display viewing. Additionally, they showcased an AI-powered Deepfake Detection technology capable of identifying videos altered or created using synthetic methods and AI. Notably, Honor mentioned that both features will operate on-device rather than relying on cloud servers.

Honor unveils new AI technologies

According to an article posted by MWC Shanghai, the Chinese consumer technology brand displayed new on-device AI innovations aimed at enhancing user safety. The announcements were made during Honor’s keynote session at the event titled “The Human-AI Synergy: Intelligent Devices Will Empower People Better.” In addition to introducing the new technologies, the company emphasized the importance of developing human-centric on-device AI capabilities accelerated by specialized hardware to safeguard user privacy.

honor defocus eye Honor AI Defocus Eye Protection

Honor’s AI Defocus Eye Protection
Photo Credit: MWC Shanghai/Honor


The AI Defocus Eye Protection aims to address the global increase in nearsightedness cases caused by prolonged screen usage, according to the company. Several studies have demonstrated the efficacy of peripheral defocus lenses in managing myopia. These lenses create an altered visual perception that slows the eye elongation process responsible for the condition. Honor’s technology now leverages AI to simulate defocus glasses on a smart device’s display.

As claimed by the company, the AI Defocus Eye Protection can reduce users’ transient myopia by an average of 13 degrees after 25 minutes of use. Referencing research, the brand noted that some users experienced a maximum reduction of 75 degrees.

honor deepfake detection Honor AI Deepfake Detection

Honor’s AI Deepfake Detection
Photo Credit: MWC Shanghai/Honor


Deepfakes have been a significant concern in recent years due to the introduction of video-generation AI models. Many AI researchers, tech companies, and regulatory bodies have acknowledged the role of deepfakes in spreading misinformation and manipulating individuals. Honor’s AI Deepfake Detection is an on-device technology capable of analyzing videos frame-by-frame for subtle details imperceptible to the human eye, such as “eye contact, lighting, image clarity, and video playback.”

The AI technology was trained using a large dataset of videos and images related to online scams. The company states that it can perform identification, screening, and comparison within three seconds. If a deepfake is detected, the feature can issue a risk warning, aiming to protect individuals from falling victim to scams.

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