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Google working on new method to prevent overheating in Pixel phones

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In Short:

Google is working on a new feature called “Adaptive Thermal” to prevent overheating issues in Pixel smartphones. The feature triggers a notification and temperature measurement service when the phone gets too hot. It offers tips to cool down, like avoiding direct sunlight and closing battery-intensive apps. The device also has safety measures in place, such as throttling the CPU and turning off features to protect against damage.

Google is reportedly working on a new feature called Adaptive Thermal to address overheating issues in its Pixel smartphones. This feature was discovered during an APK teardown of the Device Health Services app on the Pixel.

Adaptive Thermal on Pixel smartphones

A report by Android Authority, in collaboration with tipster Mishaal Rahman, provided details about this new feature that Google is developing. Strings related to Adaptive Thermal were found in the Device Health Services app version 1.27.

When activated, the feature is said to send a “pre-emergency” alert when the battery temperature hits 49 degrees Celsius, prompting a notification stating that the phone needs to cool down. Users may also be informed about possible performance slowdowns on their Pixel device.

To resolve the issue, users are advised to avoid direct sunlight, close battery-intensive apps, and follow the care steps suggested by the operating system. These steps include keeping the device in a well-ventilated area, avoiding direct sunlight, and closing battery-intensive apps.

Currently, Pixel smartphones have existing measures in place to prevent overheating, such as CPU throttling and automatic shutdown of certain features when the device gets too hot. The Adaptive Thermal feature is designed to automatically measure the temperature of the Pixel every five minutes. If the temperature exceeds 52 degrees Celsius, the device enters an “emergency” state, and if it goes above 55 degrees Celsius, the device may shut down after a 30-second warning.

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