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Google Tensor G5 Chip to Utilize TSMC’s 3nm Technology for Better Efficiency

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In Short:

Google’s upcoming Pixel smartphone models are expected to offer increased efficiency with the switch to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) for future processor requirements. Reports suggest that the upcoming Pixel 9 series may feature a Samsung-made Tensor G4 SoC, but future models like the Tensor G5 may utilize TSMC’s 3nm technology. Samsung’s struggles with power efficiency may lead to losing customers to TSMC, including Google, for their processor needs.

Google’s Future Pixel Smartphones to Utilize TSMC Chips

According to reports, Google is considering a switch from Samsung to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) for its future Pixel smartphone models. This change is expected to result in increased efficiency compared to the company’s current handsets.

Switching to TSMC

After using Samsung-made Tensor G3 chips for years, Google is reportedly planning to move towards TSMC for its processor requirements. While the upcoming Pixel 9 series is expected to feature a Samsung-made Tensor G4 SoC, there are indications that next year’s Tensor G5 processor may utilize TSMC’s 3nm process.

Industry Impact

A recent report by Business Korea suggests that Samsung’s foundry has been facing challenges with its 3nm technology, leading customers like Google to consider alternatives like TSMC’s 3nm process. This shift could have significant implications for Samsung, as it may lose customers like Nvidia, Intel, Qualcomm, and more to TSMC.

Efficiency Upgrade

By opting for TSMC’s 3nm technology, Google aims to enhance the efficiency of its processors. This move could bring its devices in line with Apple’s iPhone, which currently utilizes a leading 3nm process.

Industry Dynamics

TSMC’s 3nm process is known for its power efficiency and heat management capabilities, making it a preferred choice for many manufacturers. The advancement in process technology is crucial for handling tasks like AI features and improving overall efficiency.

Samsung’s Processor Strategy

Industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo speculates that Samsung may revert to using Qualcomm processors for its Galaxy S25 series, after experimenting with its own Exynos SoCs for the Galaxy S24 and S24+ in select markets. This potential shift underscores the competitive nature of the processor market.

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