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Google aims to enhance Circle to Search feature by reducing accidental touches.

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In Short:

Google is planning to fix the accidental touch issue with its Circle to Search feature, launched with the Samsung Galaxy S24 series earlier this year. In a podcast, Google’s Product Manager and Director discussed the feature and admitted to the sensitivity problem. They are working on improving the trigger so it activates only when intended. Circle to Search uses Google Lens for visual lookup and plans to merge search and lens result pages in the future.

Google is working on improving Circle to Search by addressing the accidental touch activation issue faced by some users. The feature was introduced earlier this year with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, allowing users to circle an image or text for a visual lookup on Google Search. However, complaints have arisen about the feature activating unintentionally.

Discussion on Made by Google Podcast:

In the recent episode of the Made by Google Podcast, Product Manager Erin Lynch and Director of Product Management Alistair Pott, who were closely involved with the development of Circle to Search, talked about the feature in detail. They acknowledged the sensitivity issue causing unintended activations of the feature by users. Lynch mentioned that they are actively working on ensuring the feature is only triggered when intended.

Enhancements to Circle to Search:

During the podcast, it was revealed that Circle to Search integrates Google Lens technology to perform visual lookups. This official confirmation hints at further improvements in the integration of both technologies. The team is looking to merge the search and Lens result pages for a unified user experience in the future.

Functionality of Circle to Search:

Circle to Search utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze screen content and fetch relevant information from Google Search. Users can use the feature to explore definitions, prices, or details about various subjects.

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