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Get familiar with the AI features of the Poco F6 and learn how to use them efficiently

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In Short:

The Poco F6 is the first phone in India with Snapdragon 8s SoC and AI features. The AI Eraser Pro can remove objects in photos, AI Image Expansion can expand images, and AI Bokeh and AI Clear Sky add effects. The phone also has AI Gesture control, AI Noise cancellation, AI Network and Connectivity, Wildboost 3.0 for gaming, AI Image Engine, and AI subtitles. Some features need improvement and additional downloads.

The Poco F6, recently launched in India, is the first phone in the country to feature the Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 SoC. This chipset not only offers powerful performance but also enables various AI features. While our full review mentioned these features, we were unable to fully test them initially due to some issues. Now, after exploring most of them, here’s our take on the AI features available on the Poco F6.

Exploring the AI Features

AI Eraser Pro

The AI Eraser Pro tool on the Poco F6 allows users to remove unwanted elements from photos using AI technology. Users can access this feature through the Gallery app by selecting an image, choosing the Edit option, and tapping on Create.

We found that while the tool can effectively remove objects and people from photos, it may require multiple attempts to get the desired result. The Eraser Pro tool, located at the top right corner, requires an additional download and an active internet connection for full functionality.

AI Image Expansion

The Poco F6 also includes an AI Image Expansion feature that allows users to expand images directly from the Gallery app. The tool works well in expanding images, but the AI fill may sometimes produce inaccurate results.

AI Bokeh and AI Clear Sky

The Poco F6 offers an AI Bokeh feature for adding artificial depth of field to images, as well as an AI Clear Sky feature that enhances photos with cloudy skies. These features can be accessed in the Edit Photo section.

AI Gesture Control

The AI Gesture Control feature on the Poco F6 allows users to control certain functions using gestures. While the feature currently supports only the built-in Music app and Netflix, it may require some time to get used to the gestures for control.

Other AI Features

In addition to the above features, the Poco F6 comes with AI Noise Cancellation for improved audio quality, AI Network and Connectivity for network enhancement, Wildboost 3.0 for improved gaming performance, AI Image Engine for video enhancement, and AI Subtitles for automatic subtitle addition to videos.

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