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Arm Introduces New Designs and Software Tools to Enhance Smartphone AI Capabilities

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In Short:

Arm Holdings introduced new chip designs and software tools for smartphones to handle artificial intelligence tasks more efficiently. The changes in how these blueprints are delivered could speed up their adoption. Arm’s technology is widely used in smartphones, PCs, and data centers for its energy efficiency. The company launched new CPUs and GPUs specifically designed for AI work, aiming to help developers run AI code more easily. Arm collaborated with Samsung and TSMC to deliver ready-to-manufacture blueprints. Arm is focused on helping its customers get to market faster by providing more advanced designs for AI performance, such as neural processing units.

Arm Holdings Unveils New Chip Blueprints and Software Tools for AI Tasks

Arm Holdings revealed new chip blueprints and software tools aimed at enhancing smartphones’ ability to handle artificial intelligence tasks on Wednesday. The company also introduced changes in how it delivers these blueprints, which could potentially accelerate their adoption in the market.

Focused on AI Technology

Arm’s technology has played a crucial role in the growth of smartphones and is increasingly being utilized in PCs and data centers due to its energy efficiency. While smartphones continue to be Arm’s primary market, the company provides intellectual property to competitors like Apple and Android chip suppliers Qualcomm and MediaTek.

New CPU and GPU Designs

The latest launch includes new designs for central processing units (CPUs) optimized for AI tasks, along with new graphics processing units (GPUs). Arm also introduced software tools to streamline the implementation of chatbots and other AI code on their chips.

Revolutionary Sales Approach

Arm has altered its approach to selling these products by partnering with Samsung Electronics and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co to deliver physical blueprints ready for manufacturing. This shift eliminates the need for chip companies to create the blueprint themselves, simplifying and expediting the process.

Empowering Customers

Chris Bergey, senior vice president and general manager of Arm’s client line of business, emphasized that Arm is not competing with its customers but rather aiding them in getting products to market faster. The focus is on areas like neural processing units (NPUs) for improved AI performance, which are increasingly critical in PC and phone chips.

Future Plans

Although Arm does not currently offer NPU technology for phones and PCs, Bergey noted that the company plans to provide more complete designs that chip firms can integrate their NPUs with, creating a seamless platform for accelerated performance.

“We’re combining a platform where these accelerators can be very tightly coupled,” Bergey mentioned.

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