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Apple to Introduce Repair State in iOS 17.5 to Maintain Find My Feature During Repairs

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In Short:

Apple is working on a new feature called Repair State, which allows iPhone users to keep Find My on even when sending their phone for repair. This feature, spotted in the latest iOS 17.5 beta update, aims to enhance device security by confirming device ownership using Apple ID and password. The feature prevents unauthorized access and makes it easier for technicians to track devices in for repair.

Apple Introduces Repair State Feature in iOS 17.5 Beta Update

Apple is reportedly developing a new feature called Repair State that will allow iPhone users to keep Find My enabled even when they send their device for repair. This feature aims to provide a workaround to the current requirement of turning off the device tracking feature, which can compromise the security of the device. The feature was discovered in the latest iOS 17.5 beta update and may be included in the global stable version of the operating system later this month.

Discovery of Repair State Feature

The Repair State feature was found by 9to5Mac within the codes of the iOS 17.5 beta 4 release, which was made available to users enrolled in the Beta Programme on Tuesday. While the feature is said to be partially functional for beta testers, it is designed to allow users to track their devices even during the repair process.

Enhancement to Device Security

Currently, Apple requires users to disable Find My when submitting their iPhone for repair, as stated in the company’s Support Page. This is to ensure that only the device owner can request service and prevent unauthorized access. With the introduction of Stolen Device Protection in iOS 17.3, certain critical settings like turning off Find My have a time delay. The one-hour delay can make it inconvenient for users, hence the need for the Repair State feature.

How Repair State Works

In iOS 17.5 beta 4, the Repair State mode allows users to confirm that their iPhone is being sent for repair by using their Apple ID and password. While in this mode, the Apple ID cannot be removed, ensuring that the technician can verify the device ownership without turning off Find My.

Caution for Beta Testers

Users testing the feature are advised not to enable Repair State unless the device is actually going for repair, as there is currently no option to disable this mode. It remains unclear whether this feature will be removable in the stable version of iOS 17.5 or if it is intentionally designed to be managed by technicians.

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