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Android may soon add color correction intensity slider for better accessibility: report

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In Short:

Android 15, the upcoming operating system for Android devices, is expected to include a new accessibility feature – a colour correction intensity slider to help those with colour blindness. The update may also bring easier ways to toggle screen magnification and improve readability with enlarged text and icons. Android 15 has reached platform stability and is currently available in beta for developers, with a public rollout expected later this year.

Android 15 – the next major operating system for Android devices – is set to be released later this year. The platform stability was declared by Google last month, allowing developers to incorporate new features into their apps. A new report suggests that the update may include a new accessibility feature in the form of a colour correction intensity slider, targeting users with colour blindness.

New Accessibility Feature on Android 15

According to a report by Android Authority, an intensity slider for the colour correction feature could be introduced with Android 15. This feature allows users with colour blindness to choose a colour correction mode based on their specific deficiency.

It is reported to offer three intensity values: low, medium, and high. Users may have the ability to manually adjust the intensity of the colour correction for their particular deficiency, such as deuteranomaly, protanomaly, or tritanomaly.

The report states that the feature was not included in the Android 15 Beta 3.1 released earlier this month, but could be manually activated.

Other Accessibility Features

In addition to the intensity slider for colour correction, Android 15 is also expected to introduce a simpler way to toggle screen magnification. A new two-finger double-tap gesture may be used to activate it swiftly, benefiting users with visual impairments.

Furthermore, the update may include an “easy pre-set” feature to enhance readability by enlarging text and icons, adding three navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen. Additionally, the feature may improve contrast and bolden text and icons.

Google confirms that Android 15 has achieved platform stability. The update is currently in beta for developers and is anticipated to be released to the public later this year.

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