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Altstore PAL launched in Europe with free Delta Nintendo Emulator with yearly subscription

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In Short:

Altstore PAL, the first third-party iPhone app store in Europe, has been launched. Users can access apps not available on the official App Store by updating to iOS 17.4 and paying an annual fee to bypass Apple’s CTF. Developers can distribute apps through Patreon without commissions. Installation requires updating to iOS 17.4 and paying an annual EUR 1.50 fee. Non-EU users can sideload apps using a computer.

Altstore PAL Launches in Europe as First Third-Party iPhone App Store

Altstore PAL was officially launched in Europe on Wednesday, offering users an alternative app marketplace outside of the official App Store. Users in Europe can now access apps not available on the App Store by updating their iPhone to iOS 17.4. However, due to Apple’s Core Technology Fee (CTF), customers will need to pay a small annual fee to use this third-party app store.

Details of Altstore PAL

Developer Riley Testut introduced Altstore PAL in a blog post, highlighting that the platform currently features two applications: Delta, a Nintendo emulator, and Clip, a clipboard manager. While Delta is free to download, Clip requires a minimum donation of EUR 1 for access.

Features of Altstore PAL

Unlike Apple’s content restrictions, Altstore PAL allows for the distribution of apps with Patreon, specifying a minimum pledge amount for app access. The platform does not take commissions on Patreon donations, which can also be used to cover Apple’s CTF fee after reaching a certain download threshold.

Installation Process

Users in the EU can install Altstore PAL by updating their iPhone to iOS 17.4 and paying an annual subscription fee of EUR 1.50. Users outside the EU have the option to sideload apps using a computer and refreshing them weekly using the original Altstore app.

Developer Benefits

Developers can host their apps on Altstore PAL for free and receive full donations from Patreon without any commissions. Once an app is notarized by Apple, developers must upload the necessary files for users to download and update the app via Altstore PAL.

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