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OneWeb aims for speedy spectrum approval, eyes June launch: HCIPL MD, ET Telecom

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In Short:

OneWeb, backed by Bharti Group, has applied for spectrum to launch commercial satellite communication services by June. OneWeb signed a partner agreement with Hughes Communications India. They are waiting for spectrum allocation from the Department of Telecommunications. The company aims to provide services in mobility sectors, defense, and rural areas. They do not plan to offer direct-to-mobile services like Starlink. Meanwhile, JioSpace and Amazon Kuiper are also working on satellite services but are facing challenges. OneWeb has an advantage due to early implementation. Spectrum allocation does not imply free usage; companies pay 4% of their revenue as Spectrum Usage Charges. Overall, OneWeb is focusing on B2B services, while Amazon Kuiper is looking at a B2C approach.

Bharti Group-backed OneWeb Aims to Launch Satellite Communication Services by June

It’s an exciting time for satellite communication enthusiasts as Bharti Group-backed OneWeb is gearing up to launch commercial services by June this year. In a recent development, Hughes Communications India Private Ltd has revealed that OneWeb has applied for spectrum allocation and is hopeful for a quick approval from the authorities.

Early-Mover Advantage for OneWeb in India

In an interview with PTI, the President and Managing Director of Hughes Communications India, Shivaji Chatterjee, highlighted OneWeb‘s early-mover advantage in the Indian market. Chatterjee mentioned that rival competitors are either in the development stage or lagging behind in data link speed, providing OneWeb with a strategic edge.

Spectrum Allocation and Services

OneWeb has already submitted an application to the Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing (WPC) of the Department of Telecommunications for spectrum allocation. Once the spectrum is allocated, the company can swiftly launch its commercial services, catering to various sectors such as aero, maritime, land mobility, cellular backhaul for 4G, defense, and more.

Impact and Potential of OneWeb

Chatterjee emphasized that OneWeb’s services will have a significant impact in providing connectivity to remote areas, including scantily populated villages. The company aims to offer high-speed connectivity ranging from 50-200 megabits per second, benefiting homes, schools, health centers, and other entities in these regions.

Comparison with Competitors

While acknowledging the progress of competitors like Starlink and JioSpace Fibre, Chatterjee emphasized OneWeb’s focus on Business-to-Business (B2B) services, distinguishing it from competitors like Amazon Kuiper which have a more consumer-oriented approach.

Exciting times lie ahead in the satellite communication space, as OneWeb and other players make strides in delivering cutting-edge services to users across the globe!

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