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GoNetspeed introduces 100% Fiber Internet in Manchester, CT

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In Short:

GoNetspeed, a fiber internet provider, has launched multi-gigabit fiber internet services in Manchester, Connecticut, without using taxpayers’ money. The company has invested $5.8 million in fiber infrastructure, benefiting over 10,800 homes and businesses. Residents can expect lightning-fast upload and download speeds. GoNetspeed has already expanded its services in East Hartford and plans to do the same in South Portland by 2024.

GoNetspeed Launches 100 Percent Fiber Internet in Manchester, Connecticut

GoNetspeed Launches 100 Percent Fiber Internet in Manchester, Connecticut

Fiber internet provider GoNetspeed has officially announced the availability of multi-gigabit 100 percent fiber internet in the Town of Manchester, Connecticut, in the United States. GoNetspeed confirmed that residents in specified areas can now access its services following the completion of the initial construction phase.

Investment and Expansion

GoNetspeed highlighted its investment of USD 5.8 million in Manchester, facilitating the deployment of fiber infrastructure. This investment allows residents and businesses to enjoy high-speed internet services without relying on taxpayers’ money. Construction will continue to expand throughout Manchester, with a projected completion date set for late spring.

High-Speed Connectivity

Once finished, over 10,800 homes and businesses across the community will have the chance to enjoy GoNetspeed‘s symmetrical fiber internet speeds, enabling lightning-fast uploads and downloads where customers can upload just as fast as they download.

“As we launch service in Manchester, this signifies the beginning of the lasting impact that our 100 percent fiber internet will have throughout the community,” said GoNetspeed.

GoNetspeed currently provides services to more than 30 communities across the state, with many more on their way to having access to its fiber internet.

GoNetspeed Expansion in Other Areas

In March 2024, GoNetspeed completed its fiber network in East Hartford with an investment of USD 6.5 million, delivering multi-gigabit internet to more than 11,700 residents and businesses in the area.

Additionally, the company’s USD 8.5 million investment will allow it to offer services to over 8,500 residents and businesses in the City of South Portland. The full construction process is expected to be completed by the summer of 2024.

About GoNetspeed

GoNetspeed is a high-speed fiber internet provider serving residential and business customers across nine states, including Maine, Alabama, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and West Virginia.

With access to 100 percent fiber internet, GoNetspeed customers have access to symmetrical upload and download speeds ranging from 500 Mbps to 2 gigabits.

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