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MTN and Omnispace to Collaborate on Satellite IoT and 5G Services

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In Short:

Washington DC-based Omnispace partners with MTN Group to explore using the S-band for satellite services, aiming to expand MTN’s wireless services. The collaboration will focus on developing cost-effective connectivity solutions beyond traditional networks, integrating terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks. This partnership aims to provide ubiquitous 5G mobile connectivity and extend services to MTN markets, supporting growth and societal development.

MTN and Omnispace Partner to Develop Satellite IoT, 5G NTN services
Washington DC-headquartered Omnispace has announced a partnership with MTN Group of Africa to explore the use of the S-band for satellite services, with the goal of expanding MTN’s wireless service offerings in its markets. MTN serves over 290 million customers in 19 countries, providing voice, data, fintech, digital, enterprise, wholesale, and API services.

Next-Generation Connectivity

Under this initiative, Omnispace and MTN are teaming up to develop global connectivity solutions that go beyond traditional cellular and land-based networks. They plan to integrate MTN’s terrestrial mobile networks with Omnispace’s non-terrestrial (NTN) network, based on 3GPP standards, to support consumer mobile and enterprise IoT services. Additionally, the companies will collaborate on building a network of compatible devices and software.

Shared Vision

“Our collaboration will provide secure, cost-effective, and widespread 5G mobile connectivity by seamlessly combining our satellite and terrestrial networks,” stated Omnispace. “We are excited to partner with MTN to introduce this innovative, standards-based solution that incorporates non-terrestrial network connectivity into a wide range of devices, products, and applications.”

“Through this partnership, we aim to expand the reach of our services in a systematic manner, recognizing the important role connectivity plays in shaping societies and fostering development,” said MTN Group.

Development Roadmap

As part of the agreement, Omnispace will develop a next-generation, standards-based mobile and IoT network tailored to MTN markets. The companies will also collaborate on testing technology, demonstrating capabilities, and exploring use cases using Omnispace’s satellites already in orbit.

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