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Mobile phone makers to employ 55,000 trainees in 2024

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In Short:

Electronics manufacturing companies are hiring apprentices from technical institutions to reduce attrition and acquire cheaper labor. Around 55,000 apprentices were hired in the mobile phone manufacturing sector in 2024, a 12.5 times increase over the last four years. The sector is expected to create 100,000-120,000 new jobs in 2024. Hiring activities have increased by 12-15% during the festive season. Focus is on engaging local rural population and female workers, with programs like Degree Apprenticeships.

Electronics Manufacturing Companies Embrace Apprenticeship Programs for Skilled Labor

Electronics manufacturing companies have been increasing their collaboration with technical institutions and skill councils to hire apprentices and train them for high-end facilities. This approach is aimed at reducing attrition rates and acquiring labor at more cost-effective rates.

Rising Trend in Hiring Apprentices

In 2024, the mobile phone manufacturing sector saw a substantial increase in hiring apprentices, with around 55,000 apprentices being hired from various apprenticeship programs in the electronics sector. This marks a significant growth of 12.5 times over the past four years, as reported by Sumit Kumar, Chief Strategy Officer at Teamlease.

Growth Projections and Hiring Trends

Industry experts are optimistic about the job market in 2024, with expectations of creating around 100,000 to 120,000 new jobs. Yeshab Giri, Chief Commercial Officer at Randstad India, highlighted the increasing hiring activities during the festive season in 2023 compared to the previous year.

Focus on Skill Development and Apprenticeships

Employers are engaging with talent companies to streamline the recruitment process and attract suitable candidates for various roles. The emphasis on skill development and apprenticeship initiatives is crucial for filling vacancies and mobilizing the local rural population in manufacturing sectors.

Role of Women in Apprenticeships

Degree apprenticeships are considered instrumental in engaging women apprentices for longer durations, providing them with higher degrees, financial independence, and work experience. This approach has resulted in increased female workforce participation in the manufacturing sector.

Impact of Government Initiatives

The government’s production-linked incentive scheme for mobile phone manufacturing has significantly contributed to job creation. Leading companies like Apple’s contract manufacturers and Samsung have absorbed a substantial portion of the workforce generated during this period.

Focus on Retention Strategies

Companies are now focusing on retention strategies to counter the costs of rehiring and training. Investments in education linkages, employee bonuses, and better facilities are being made to reduce attrition rates and retain skilled labor.

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