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MEA’s Mahaveer Singhvi Discusses Telecom Industry Trends

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In Short:

The Indian government is focused on digital transformation and is creating a good environment for experimenting with next-generation 6G technology. The country’s strong research and innovation ecosystem will help in the development of 6G technology. By 2030, India aims to introduce 6G technology with high data rates, low latency, and secure reliability to support new applications. Prime Minister Modi’s vision emphasizes responsible and beneficial technology development.

India’s Commitment to 6G Technology Innovation

The Minister of External Affairs (MEA) official highlighted the government’s strong commitment to digital transformation, creating a favorable environment for next-generation (6G) experimentation and innovation on a global scale.

Support for Innovation

Mahaveer Singhvi, Joint Secretary (New Emerging and Strategic Technologies Division) at MEA, emphasized India’s role as a hub for 6G technology development. He praised the country’s research capabilities and innovative ecosystem, including academic institutions, research labs, and technology startups.

Government Initiatives

The government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is actively pursuing next-generation technologies to enhance India’s global presence in standardization and research and development. The launch of the Bharat 6G Alliance in July 2023 signifies a collaborative effort involving public and private entities, academia, and research institutions.

Future Outlook

India’s focus on wireless communication, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and materials science will drive advancements in 6G technology. The vision for 6G networks includes high data rates, low latency, secure reliability, agility, and dynamic insights to support diverse applications in wireless connectivity, cognition, sensing, and imaging.

Government’s Role

The MEA’s specialized division plays a key role in tech governance at an international level, facilitating collaboration in emerging technologies. The government aims to introduce 6G technology in India by 2030, aligning with Prime Minister’s vision of responsible technological development for the welfare of citizens and communities.

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