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Jio and Airtel’s 5G Coverage Map Coming Soon for Users

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In Short:

Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel have deployed 5G in most parts of India, but consumers are unsure where they will get 5G or 4G coverage. To address this issue, TRAI plans to ask telcos to provide coverage maps for both technologies. This move aims to improve service quality standards by April-May, 2024. TRAI wants consumers to know where they can access 4G and 5G networks to increase transparency and accountability. Telcos will also be required to report any 5G BTS outages, as call drops and packet loss issues are common complaints. TRAI hopes these measures will reduce call drops and enhance overall consumer satisfaction with mobile networks.

TRAI Pushes Telcos to Show 4G and 5G Coverage Maps to Consumers

jio and airtel might soon show 5g

Exciting news for all the tech-savvy folks out there! Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel have rolled out 5G networks across the country. However, there’s been a little confusion among consumers about where they can access 4G and where the lightning-fast 5G is available.

Transparency for Consumers

Fortunately, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is coming to the rescue. Reports suggest that by April-May 2024, TRAI will ask the telcos to provide detailed coverage maps showcasing both 4G and 5G availability. This move aims to enhance the Quality of Services (QoS) benchmarks and ensure transparency for consumers.

Improving Accountability

By making telcos accountable for network coverage information, TRAI’s directive will eliminate the guesswork for consumers. Additionally, telcos may soon be required to promptly report any site outages to prevent disruptions in network services.

Enhancing Call Quality

With over 400,000 5G BTS deployed nationwide, even a single site downtime can be significant. TRAI plans to address common issues like call drops and packet losses to enhance user experience. The goal is to reduce call drops and boost overall consumer satisfaction with mobile networks.

Ensuring Compliance

TRAI is also considering penalties for telcos that fail to meet the minimum QoS standards at the state or district level. This measure aims to uphold service quality and hold telcos accountable for delivering reliable and consistent network performance.

Stay Tuned for Updates

As TRAI continues to work on refining QoS benchmarks and enhancing consumer experience, be on the lookout for the forthcoming 4G and 5G coverage maps from leading telcos. Let’s embrace the future of connectivity with clarity and reliability!

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