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Japan’s Fujitsu aims to accelerate telcos’ OSS modernization journey

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In Short:

Fujitsu, a Japanese multinational IT company, is working with partners to upgrade global telcos’ legacy operations support systems to cloud-based software. They are focusing on Open RAN and Cloud RAN to address architecture and interoperability issues. Fujitsu is a major Open RAN vendor and is working with AT&T on open interface specifications. They have a significant presence in India and are open to working with Indian telcos in the future.

Fujitsu Working on Upgrading Global Telecom Operators’ OSS to Cloud-based Architecture

Japanese multinational IT services and network gear company Fujitsu has announced its collaboration with partners to develop strategies for upgrading large global telecom operators’ legacy Operations Support Systems (OSS) to cloud-based, software-defined architecture. This initiative aims to modernize telecom operations to align with the current industry standards.

Transition to Cloud-based OSS Platforms

In an interview with ETTelecom, Manoj Nair, Head of India Global Delivery Center at Fujitsu, revealed that the company is actively engaged in working with major telcos in America and other regions to transition their OSS stack to a combination of public and private cloud infrastructure. The move towards a software-defined environment requires a shift from traditional legacy systems to more agile and efficient cloud-based solutions.

Nair emphasized that while Fujitsu does not offer an entire OSS stack independently, it collaborates with partners to address legacy architecture and interoperability challenges hindering the OSS upgradation process. The company is focusing on leveraging Open Radio Access Network (Open RAN) and Cloud RAN technologies to facilitate the transition.

Role in Open RAN Ecosystem

Fujitsu is recognized as one of the key players in the Open RAN ecosystem, along with industry peers like Mavenir, NEC, and Altiostar. The concept of Open RAN enables telecom operators to build interface-driven mobile networks with components from diverse vendors, enhancing flexibility and innovation in network deployment.

For instance, Fujitsu has been selected by AT&T as part of a deal with Ericsson to build specifications-driven networks, starting in 2024. The company’s expertise in Open RAN positions it as a strategic partner for telecom operators looking to embrace next-generation network architectures.

Future Outlook and Expansion

Fujitsu, with a workforce of approximately 9,500 in India, is planning significant expansions in the coming years. While the company is open to collaboration with Indian telcos, it has not actively pursued commercial contracts in the country so far.

Nair highlighted the importance of India’s role in artificial intelligence (AI), noting the country’s significant contribution to the global AI talent pool. He emphasized the potential for India to emerge as a hub for AI-powered technology development, supported by the government’s digitization initiatives.

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