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India MD Nitin Bansal appointed as Managing Director of a Telecom Company

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In Short:

Swedish telecom company Ericsson is hopeful of securing 4G/5G deals with Vodafone Idea in India after the telco raised Rs 20,000 crore. They are also looking to export 5G gear from India. Talks are ongoing with all operators in India. Vi is expediting talks with Ericsson and Nokia for network upgrades. Indian telcos have rapidly rolled out 5G with around 450,000 base towers.

Swedish telecoms gear maker Ericsson is hopeful of securing some 4G/5G deals from Vodafone Idea (Vi) soon after the beleaguered telco recently raised over Rs 20,000 crore via the equity route, India managing director Nitin Bansal said.

Deal Prospects with Vodafone Idea (Vi)

Speaking to ET, Bansal also mentioned that Ericsson is evaluating the possibility of exporting its 5G gear from India. He expressed optimism about securing deals with Vi following the recent funding developments.

When asked about the ongoing discussions, Bansal stated, “We have been talking to all three operators in India always, so the discussions are always ongoing.”

However, no specific timeline was provided on when the deals with Vi could be finalized.

Updates on 5G Rollouts

Based on recent reports, it is likely that Vi will expedite talks with Ericsson and Nokia to upgrade its 4G network, with purchase orders expected to be issued in June-July after the next spectrum auction on June 6.

Bansal highlighted the continuous nature of 5G rollouts by Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel, emphasizing the increasing traffic in India.

While Jio and Airtel have made significant progress in 5G coverage, Bansal anticipates further network expansions, although at a slower pace compared to previous years.

Industry Outlook

Indian telcos have witnessed rapid 5G rollouts since October 2022, with around 450,000 5G base tower stations currently operational in the country.

Bansal emphasized the growing popularity of fixed wireless access (FWA) services, indicating a positive trend for 5G adoption. He noted the importance of operators in monetizing 5G services.

Government Initiatives

Regarding the government’s focus on self-sufficiency in telecom gear manufacturing and support for Indian companies, Ericsson India MD stated that the company will abide by the laws of the land while contributing its products and capabilities to the market.

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