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Hyderabad welcomes new AI-ready facility from CtrlS Datacenters

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In Short:

CtrlS Datacenters, a leading data center operator in Asia, has launched a new AI-ready datacenter called Hyderabad DC3. Spanning 1.34 lakh sq. ft, the facility has a 13 MW IT load capacity and aims for LEED Platinum certification. It is the first Google Cloud Partner Interconnect provider in Hyderabad and offers access to major Internet Exchange providers. With this launch, CtrlS now operates three facilities in Hyderabad and has a nationwide footprint of 250 MW in tier-1 markets.

CtrlS Datacenters Launches AI-Ready Facility in Hyderabad

CtrlS Datacenters Launches AI-Ready Facility in Hyderabad
CtrlS Datacenters, a leading data center operator in Asia, has introduced its new AI-ready datacenter – Hyderabad DC3, situated in the financial district of Gachibowli, Hyderabad. The company inaugurated this third facility in April 2024, as reported by TelecomTalk. CtrlS mentioned that it has invested over Rs 500 crore in this facility, which can house approximately 1,300 racks.

Hyderabad DC3

Spanning 1.34 lakh sq. ft of built-up area with a 13 MW IT load capacity, Hyderabad DC3 is a ground +5-storey facility striving for LEED Platinum certification by utilizing renewable energy and advanced water recycling, among other sustainable initiatives, CtrlS announced. It adheres to seismic zone 2 standards and incorporates advanced cooling systems for maximum performance.

CtrlS Datacenters asserts that it is the first and only Google Cloud Partner Interconnect provider in Hyderabad, and its DC3 facility offers connectivity to major Internet Exchange (IX) providers through the IX Connect portfolio.

Regarding the launch, CtrlS Datacenters stated, “Hyderabad is a key data center hub in the country, with increasing demand from enterprises and cloud service providers. The city is highly favored for hosting disaster recovery services, given its seismic zone-2 status.”

“With substantial presence in Mumbai and Chennai, Hyderabad also plays a significant role in our overall expansion strategy. We have achieved significant milestones in the past and are on track to establish over 1GW capacity in the near future,” CtrlS added.

Expansion Plans and Nationwide Presence

Following the launch of DC3, CtrlS Datacenters now manages three facilities in Hyderabad – one in HITEC City and two in the Gachibowli financial district. The company boasts a nationwide presence with 250 MW of data center capacity in prime markets like Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Noida, Hyderabad, and Kolkata.

CtrlS Datacenters also operates Edge data center facilities in secondary markets such as Patna and Lucknow.

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