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GlobalLogic to open delivery centre in Gujarat, plans headcount expansion.

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In Short:

Japanese company Hitachi’s GlobalLogic is expanding in India with a new delivery centre in Ahmedabad and plans to hire 500 employees in the next two years. The company already has a significant presence in India with 15,000 employees. They are focusing on upskilling staff in AI technologies and developing AI-backed customer products. The company also collaborates with industry stakeholders to create custom enterprise solutions and has recently launched a platform-of-platforms architecture for scaling AI initiatives.

Hitachi’s GlobalLogic to Expand in India, Open New Delivery Centre in Ahmedabad

Japanese conglomerate Hitachi’s GlobalLogic is set to open a new delivery centre in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad as part of its expansion plans in India. The company is looking to strengthen its workforce in the country and integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into its customer portfolio.

New Operations in Ahmedabad

Managing Director of GlobalLogic India, Piyush Jha, revealed that the company will soon commence operations in Ahmedabad and also has a center in Kochi acquired through Katzion, a Kerala-based firm offering managed services and custom digital applications.

Expansion Plans

The upcoming delivery centre in Ahmedabad is expected to employ up to 500 employees in the next two years. With a current headcount of around 15,000 employees in India, GlobalLogic aims to significantly increase its presence and workforce in the country. The company is heavily investing in upskilling its staff in AI technologies.

Focus on AI Technologies

GlobalLogic, with a workforce of nearly 35,000 employees across 23 countries, has a strong presence in India. The company is concentrating on upskilling its employees in generative AI technologies and has already trained over 13,200 staff members in India on various AI-related technologies.

Platform Launch

The company recently launched a platform-of-platforms architecture to address challenges faced by enterprises in scaling AI and generative AI technologies. GlobalLogic collaborates with industry stakeholders to provide custom enterprise solutions.

Expansion and Strategy

GlobalLogic has a presence in major Indian cities and recently established a new engineering centre in Telangana’s Mahbubnagar. The company follows a hub-and-spoke model to extend its reach beyond metropolitan areas and tap into local talent pools.

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