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Discover all Airtel Talktime Vouchers and Top-Up Plans

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In Short:

Bharti Airtel is offering talktime vouchers for customers to recharge their accounts. These plans range from Rs 10 to Rs 5000, providing users with different amounts of talktime depending on the plan chosen. Talktime can be useful for keeping the SIM active and making international calls when needed. While not widely used, these plans can be accessed through the Airtel website, app, or third-party platforms.

Bharti Airtel Introduces Talktime Vouchers for Customers

Bharti Airtel has launched talktime vouchers for its customers to cater to their specific needs. These vouchers are available for all users across the country. Despite the prevalence of unlimited calling plans, talktime vouchers play a vital role in keeping your SIM active, especially when you do not have an active base plan. Additionally, users can leverage talktime for sending SMSs post exhaustion of FUP SMSs and for making international calls.

Details of Bharti Airtel’s Talktime Vouchers

Bharti Airtel offers a range of six talktime vouchers with varying denominations. The plans are priced at Rs 10, Rs 20, Rs 100, Rs 500, Rs 1000, and Rs 5000. For instance, the Rs 10 plan provides users with a talktime of Rs 7.47.

Plan Amount Talktime
Rs 10 Rs 7.47
Rs 20 Rs 14.95
Rs 100 Rs 81.75
Rs 500 Rs 423.73
Rs 1000 Rs 847.46
Rs 5000 Rs 4237.29

Although talktime plans may not be the most popular choice, they can be advantageous for making international calls. However, it is recommended to use WhatsApp calls over the internet to avoid any additional charges. These vouchers can be conveniently purchased from Airtel’s website, mobile app, or third-party platforms. It is important to note that talktime plans do not come with standalone validity, SMS, data benefits, or 5G offers. They solely add monetary balance to the user’s account for future use.

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