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Lam Research Corp. to grow semiconductor equipment supply chain in India

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In Short:

Lam Research Corporation, a Fortune 500 company, is planning to expand its semiconductor equipment supply chain to include India. The company is looking for India-based suppliers to provide precision components, custom parts, and other assemblies. The global semiconductor industry is expected to reach $1 trillion in annual revenue by the end of the decade. Lam Research aims to collaborate with local suppliers to enhance its supply chain and support the semiconductor ecosystem in India.

Lam Research Corporation Expands Semiconductor Supply Chain to India

Exciting news alert! The renowned Fortune 500 company, Lam Research Corporation, is spreading its wings to include India in its global semiconductor fabrication equipment supply chain.

Strategic Expansion

Lam Research Corporation is on a mission to assess capabilities across various supply chain segments and is keen on collaborating with India-based suppliers. These suppliers will work together to provide precision components, custom parts, high purity gas delivery systems, and other assemblies crucial for semiconductor wafer fabrication equipment.

Industry Growth and Collaboration

Experts predict that the global semiconductor industry will reach an impressive $1 trillion in annual revenue by the end of this decade. Lam Research Corporation emphasizes the importance of collaboration and global engagement to meet the growing demand for semiconductors.

Customer-Centric Strategy

With a “close to customer” strategy in place, Lam Research Corporation values collaboration with thousands of suppliers worldwide. This approach helps the company build resilience against region-specific supply chain issues and prevents supply bottlenecks.

Testimonials from Lam Research Leaders

Karthik Rammohan, Vice President and Head of Global Operations at Lam Research, expressed enthusiasm about the new initiative in India. He highlighted the potential for improved performance, sustainability, and enhanced capabilities for customers in the region and across Asia.

Rangesh Raghavan, Corporate Vice President and General Manager, Lam Research India, emphasized the company’s commitment to enhancing its supply chain flexibility and supporting the semiconductor ecosystem in India. Lam Research Corporation has been a prominent leader in India for over two decades.

Exciting times lie ahead for Lam Research Corporation as it embarks on this journey of expansion and collaboration in the ever-evolving semiconductor industry!

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