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Indian businesses embracing hybrid multi-cloud adoption and smart cloud strategies: Survey by Nutanix

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In Short:

In India, hybrid multi-cloud is the popular deployment model with 44% of companies using it according to Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Index survey. Data security and AI strategies are top priorities. Businesses are shifting towards cloud-smart IT strategies for security and innovation. The report indicates a shift towards managed services for on-premises component. Challenges include data privacy, ransomware protection, and cloud cost control. Increased investments in data security, AI strategies, and minimizing costs are expected in 2024.

Indian Businesses Embracing Hybrid Multi-Cloud Model

Do you know that 44 per cent of companies in India are using hybrid multi-cloud deployment? Well, according to the sixth annual global Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Index (ECI) survey and research report, this deployment model remains dominant in the country.

The ECI survey measures enterprise progress with cloud adoption and highlights the importance of hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure. In the past year, companies have been shifting applications between environments to enhance control, bolster security, and meet regulatory requirements.

Focus on Data Security and AI Strategies

Indian respondents in the survey identified data security and ransomware protection as their top priority, followed by implementing AI strategies by 2024. As AI becomes more central to businesses, 90 per cent of organizations are planning to increase investment in AI strategy support.

“Indian businesses are leading the global shift towards cloud-smart IT strategies,” said Faiz Shakir, MD at Nutanix India. “Our latest ECI report found that 99 per cent of Indian IT professionals are focused on this approach, driving security and innovation as top priorities for decision-makers.”

Shift Towards Hosted Private IT Services

The study also suggested a shift within the hybrid cloud model as on-premises infrastructure usage is expected to decline. Organisations are moving towards hosted private IT services, indicating a preference for managed services for the on-premises component of the hybrid multi-cloud model.

Challenges and Investments

Data privacy ranked as a major data management challenge in India, followed by ransomware protection, data security, linking data from multiple environments, adhering to data storage guidance, and cloud cost control. The report highlighted areas for increased investments in 2024 including data security, AI strategies, optimizing operations, implementing hybrid IT operations, and cost sustainability.

Additionally, the report noted a high adoption rate of containerization in India, with 63 per cent of respondents indicating that they have containerized a significant portion of their applications.

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